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Software from 6d Technologies overcomes connectivity problems in rural Africa

Field agents working for telcos are being helped to overcome problems with poor connectivity in rural parts of Africa. The deployment of Engrafi from 6d Technologies across Chad, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania and Angola has enabled a quick and convenient subscriber registration process despite connectivity problems. Engrafi allows subscribers to register themselves with quick digitalised forms, ensuring authentic verification of the user […]

BCX and GE partner to bring innovation to farming in Africa

Collaborative partners BCX, an information and communications technology company, and GE, a worldwide digital industrial enterprise, have developed an integrated agri-tech solution tailored for South African and African agricultures. The Digital Farm, created by BCX and GE, allows stakeholders to manage, predict, and control inputs and outputs across the agricultural supply chain. The solution will […]

Report names CA Technologies as a leader in identity management

CA Technologies has been recognised as a market leader in KuppingerCole’s 2017 Leadership Compass Report for identity provisioning. KuppingerCole evaluated CA Identity Suite and compared it with other available solutions. In an overview of all products included in the report, CA received a ‘strong positive’ rating in four out of the five evaluation areas, namely security, functionality, […]

Cloud company awarded major contract from African mobile operator

A cloud communications platform company has been awarded a major contract from one of Africa’s largest mobile phone operators. Pareteum Corporation has been awarded a three-year contract from Ericsson, a significant player in the mobile phone market across the continent. Under the terms of the agreement, Pareteum will provide its global cloud services platform and […]

Africa Tech Summit offers an insight into technological development

An event in Rwanda will offer an insight into technological developments in the African continent. The Africa Tech Summit Kigali , which takes place on February 14 and 15, will offer networking and business opportunities for African and international tech leaders and investors who want to drive growth in the continent. The two-day event, supported […]

Pioneering app will provide real-time shopping services in Africa

The use of digital platforms to conduct business might be a symptom of the times, but it has become a success differentiator. Seee In is a soon-to-released app that aims to change the game with dual benefits that cater to both consumers and businesses. It will provide businesses with a unique digital marketing and advertising solution, […]

Egyptian ICT minister meets start-ups participating at Consumer Electronics Show

ICT minister Yasser ElKady has met with representatives from Egyptian technology start-up companies. The minister received a delegation from the General Division of the Digital Economy and Technology of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce. The group included the representatives of nine Egyptian start-ups that are due to participate as exhibitors in the first […]

How the humble printer has become your personal assistant

Remember that large plastic box that occupied a huge space in the corner of your office? All it did was print documents and nothing more. Now leading vendors offer advanced printing solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art features bringing high-levels of functionality to your fingertips. At one time printers just printed – that’s all they did. Now […]

Fortinet Report reveals cybercriminals are using common exploits and ‘Swarm’ Technology

Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced the findings of its latest Global Threat Landscape Report. The research reveals high botnet reoccurrence rates and an increase of automated malware demonstrate cybercriminals are leveraging common exploits combined with automated attack methods at an unprecedented scale. “Whether it’s WannaCry in May or Apache Struts in September, long-known […]

A10 Networks makes predictions for cloud computing in 2018

Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing would reach the heights we’ve seen in recent years. A total of 79% of companies now run workloads in the cloud (split almost evenly between public and private clouds). With the cloud bar constantly being raised, Kamal Anand, VP of the A10 Networks Cloud Business […]

Aruba expert: Healthcare industry increases innovation and reduces costs through IoT

According to HPE Aruba, nearly 90% of early IoT adopters have already suffered an IoT related security breach. But the good news is threats to the healthcare sector can be combated with good practice, Jose Vasco, Regional Director MEMA at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, tells us. When it comes to healthcare, six in […]

MTN and Huawei deploy connected driver IoT solution in SA

MTN Business has launched a connected driver, usage-based insurance (UBI) solution in partnership with Huawei. MTN will be the first mobile operator in South Africa to commercially deploy a connected driver solution, which uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and assess driver behaviour and motivate better driving. Connected driver solution in car insurance […]

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