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Data risks give no rewards, Kaspersky Lab warns

Users are putting their precious and sensitive data in danger, by the way they share both their information, and their physical devices containing this information with others. Kaspersky Lab’s My Precious Data: Stranger Danger report lifts the lid on data sharing habits and reveals that people who share their data and devices, live digital lives […]

BYOD doesn’t have to be your biggest headache

Article by: Manish Bhardwaj, Senior Marketing Manager, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Smartphones and other personal devices can now be found in most businesses as users are staying connected to the corporate network from anywhere, any time. It’s the stuff that keeps IT and security managers up at night – […]

Hacking is at an all-time high, it’s time to up the security game

Two significant events happened recently. One positive, the other, cripplingly negative. First the good: The International Labour Organization recently recognised cybersecurity as a part of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, as being hacked does not just put company’s assets or reputation at risk, but can also affects people’s health. Now, for the […]

Allied Mobile revamps supply chain with Epicor Analytics

South Africa based Allied Mobile is a cellular product distributor and third-party logistics provider for the mobile telecommunications industry in Africa. Founded in 2003, the company’s total addressable market covers 38 countries across the continent and a population of over 700 million. This has been achieved with mobile vendors like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, […]

Vodafone Egypt selects Ericsson SGSN-MME for network virtualisation

Having selected Ericsson as its Network Function Virtualisation partner, Vodafone Egypt has gone live with the first commercial virtual network function in the Middle East. Since October 2016, Ericsson’s virtual Serving GPRS Support Node – Mobility Management Entity or SGSN-MME, has been serving and managing commercial mobile broadband traffic on the Vodafone Egypt network. The […]

45 million emails passed by incumbent email security systems, nearly 25% are ‘unsafe’

Mimecast Limited, a leading email and data security company, has announced the results of its third quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA), a report of the results of tests which measure the effectiveness of incumbent email security systems. This quarter’s assessment noted a continued challenge of securing organisations from malicious attachments, dangerous files types, impersonation […]

Digital connectivity is key to new era of sustainability

Articles by Ziad Salameh, MD and GM, west region of Cisco Middle East Countries, regions and the world at large face a growing list of challenges. Food, water, job creation and widening gap between rich and poor appear insufficient, driving social and political instability. However, there appear to be solutions to tackle these insurmountable challenges. […]

Gartner says South African IT spending will grow 2.4% in 2017

IT spending in South Africa is forecast to total R266 billion in 2017, a 2.4% increase from 2016, according to Gartner, Inc. Software is predicted to be the best-performing segment, with a 13.2% increase year-on-year (see Table 1). “South Africa has traditionally underinvested in IT,” said John-David Lovelock, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. […]

SAP study reveals four key traits of a Digital Transformation Leader

While 84% of global companies say that digital transformation is critical to their survival in the next five years, only 3% have completed company-wide transformation efforts, shows a new study from SAP SE. The study, supported by Oxford Economics, was released at SAP Leonardo Live, held 11–12 July in Frankfurt, Germany. Significantly, the results could […]

Industry 4.0 is gathering speed in Africa

Industry experts from SAP, Orange Business Services and Delloite speak to Intelligent CIO Africa about the impact of the fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa. Industry 4.0 describes the digitisation and automation of traditional manufacturing and production methods and is an opportunity to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and improve safety. A 2016 study by Deloitte titled […]

Cisco South Africa launches Cybersecurity Experience Centre and Academy

Globally, there were more than a million job openings in cybersecurity in 2016 and the demand for cybersecurity experts has grown three times faster than any other IT role. The shortage of cybersecurity professionals threatens both the private and public sectors in attempts to defend against the relentless evolution of cybercrime and shifting attack modes. […]

Death to passwords: identity management in the modern age

By Deepak Narain, Regional Presales Manager – MENA, VMware, one of the world’s leading enablers of digital transformation. Who are you? And can you prove it? These are the two questions your technology asks you every morning. And we now have a variety of ways to answer them: from typing complex, though hopefully memorable, passwords, […]

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