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Itec expert on the rewards of adopting Digital Transformation

Hannes van der Merwe, Senior Product Manager, Itec, says adopting Digital Transformation is easier than you think. Digital transformation is one of the buzzwords of our time. But it’s eye-wateringly shocking how few people actually know what it means, let alone apply it in their businesses. Part of the problem is that many business owners […]

Africa’s digital hospitality transforms the guest experience

As hospitality providers across the globe embrace Digital Transformation, the question arises; what do intelligent hotels offer? From guestroom automation to location-based interactions, mobile engagement, hyper personalisation, APIs and integration – the goal is excellent customer service. But is Africa ready for the ‘Digital Hotel’? EOH Infor Services recently launched the Infor Hospitality suite of […]

Nutanix expert on how firms can prevent cloud application attacks

Andrew Senior, Customer Success Manager, Nutanix, on what organisations can do to prevent cloud application attacks. Cloud has become the first choice for modernised applications, which we now term cloud-native applications. These dynamic applications are designed with high scalability and elasticity in mind to meet the requirements of a highly competitive and digitally transforming world. With […]

VMware expert on how firms can prevent cloud application attacks

Ian Jansen van Rensburg, VMware EMEA Senior Engineer, tells Intelligent CIO Africa how organisations can prevent cloud application attacks. Recent advances in cloud and mobile computing now make it possible to simplify and more fully automate security. There are two fundamental steps to take – implement cyber hygiene and focus on protecting the crown jewels […]

Altron Karabina expert on how to prevent cloud application attacks

Sebastiaan Rothman, Senior Consultant Applications and Infrastructure at Altron Karabina, looks at what organisations can do to prevent cloud application attacks. Broadly speaking, cloud-based applications typically consist of one or more of the following platforms: web and mobile application services; storage; and databases. Each of these platforms have their own unique challenges when it comes […]

Possibilities for Botswanan businesses embracing digital initiatives

Digital Transformation and emerging technologies have been generating significant interest in Africa recently. Public and private sector organisations are finding the promises of job creation and economic growth difficult to ignore. Ricardo Flores, Senior Regional Manager of SADC Applications at Oracle, discusses the possibilities for the Botswanan government and firms who are embracing digital initiatives. […]

Afiswitch MD says biometrics is the future of healthcare

Pine Pienaar, Managing Director at Afiswitch, looks at how biometrics is being used in the healthcare profession. The idea of using biometrics in the healthcare sector is not new, but it is one that hasn’t been explored or exploited to its full potential. A biometrics-based project was first piloted by health workers in three South […]

Technology evolution helping Ghana become the hub of West Africa

Listed as among the top five fastest growing economics in Africa by the World Economic Forum, Ghana is rapidly establishing itself as West Africa’s hub of choice. Supported by the government’s regulatory reform strategies to boost investor confidence, Ghana’s landscape is evolving and attracting more international players establishing themselves in the region. Foster Plender, Managing […]

LanDynamix MD on how organisations can prevent security breaches

Peter Clarke, Managing Director, LanDynamix  – leading cybersecurity and managed services specialists – expands on the question:  What steps can organisations take to prevent security breaches? Digital Transformation may have changed the way we work and live, with the proliferation of the Internet of everything and all that comes with it but the caveat is […]

J2 Software CEO on the importance of securing your password

J2 Software CEO John McLoughlin on how to to keep your passwords secure.   Password breaches are all too common nowadays and the biggest challenge is to keep a different complex password for every website or app. Most people use the same passwords on multiple sites and when one of those sites is compromised, hackers […]

Integration in the healthcare industry requires the right tools

Although there has been a widespread adoption of electronic health records, the integration of healthcare data remains a crucial challenge for the healthcare industry as it endeavours to achieve interoperability. In addition, healthcare entities need to understand that real data integration means working with the right technology partners to ensure that all challenges are met. […]

PBT Group expert on the importance of data analytics in business

Yolanda Smit, Regional (Gauteng) Director at PBT Group, says becoming data-driven is a key priority for organisations and has fast become ‘the new oil’ in business. Undoubtedly, businesses that have already invested in data analytics have begun to reap the benefits, especially those wanting to make far more accurate forecasts and examine ways to become […]

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