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Virtual Agents-as-a-Service: why it may be the ideal model for your business

Ryan Falkenberg, Co-CEO, CLEVVA, explains some of the issues found with most chatbot software and examines some of the advantages offered by a Solution-as-a-Service model.   A growing number of companies in South Africa and around the globe are looking to offer their customers significantly improved self-service. Many have tried and failed to build a chatbot capable of doing anything more than responding to […]

Erudit AI: The phenomenon of quiet quitting and how companies can build a healthier employee culture

In the age of remote working, quiet quitting is a phenomenon that companies all around the world must grapple with. Alejandro Martinez, CEO and Co-founder at Erudit tells Intelligent CIO’s Mrigaya Dham about how having the correct employee feedback tools in place can empower organisations to retain and motivate their top talent, and stay ahead […]

Deep Dive: Mohamed Ibrahim, Business Development Director for OT cybersecurity at Trend Micro MEA, Technical Partner of TXOne Networks

Deep Dive: Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer,

Is your employee communication strategy keeping up with global trends? 

Effective communication drives a productive and loyal workforce and lies at the heart of any business; creating trust amongst employees. Caroline van der Merwe, COO of SmartWage – an innovative HR and communications technology company – tells us more about how communication is key with a workforce and achieving this in the South African context […]

Cybersecurity myths that are harming your business

As technology advancement has shifted into overdrive from its already dizzying pace over the last two years, Dan Woods, Global Head of Intelligence at F5, discusses cybersecurity myths that have gained traction and could harm the business performance of your organisation, and why widespread cyber fraud should be getting more attention than it is. In […]

Innovating at the Edge – is this the future of SMBs? 

To keep up with today’s challenging and unpredictable economy, businesses will need to update and redefine their network and IT. Jacob Chacko, Regional Director – Middle East, Saudi & South Africa at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, speaks to us about how SMBs are steadily climbing the ladder and becoming a force for their […]

A helping hand: How to show support this Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Awareness Week (9th- 15th May), we spoke to industry experts about how to best support employees and cultivate a culture of care An alarming 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace and this figure is only increasing. The last two years have put a huge amount of stress […]

Reaping the benefits of Smart City technology in Africa

As Smart Cities emerge across the globe, there is a ‘huge opportunity’ in Africa to embrace and evolve towards this concept. This is the view of Mahmoud El-Banna, Head of Digital Industries Sales for China, India and MEA at Nokia. He talks us through some of the existing and new initiatives in the region, as […]

What are AI architects and what do they do?

Artificial intelligence (AI) applies advanced analysis and logic-based techniques, including machine learning, to interpret events, support and automate decisions and take action. Arun Chandrasekaran, VP Analyst, Gartner, discusses what AI architects are and what they do. Enterprise leaders can create the role to help build a robust enterprise-wide architecture for AI.In short, the growing diversity […]

DCIM software: A must-have for dramatically increasing energy efficiency in the data centre space

Herman Chan, President, Sunbird Software, offers his best practice advice on how organisations can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and why DCIM software is key to achieving this. What role does the data centre industry have in contributing to global energy usage and how are DC operators tackling this? The data centre industry […]

Telcos: The opportunity lies in the threat 

Telecommunications are integrated into our daily lives, and we are dependent on them. Providing fresh insight, Heman Kassan, Chief Commercial Officer at Technodyn International (IFS), speaks to us about the African telcos industry, the security risks associated with 5G – and how these can be overcome – as well as the importance of managing both […]

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