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CommScope expert on why 2020 will be a year of critical decisions for wireless operators

The era of 5G has arrived in the MENA region, with 2020 set to be the launchpad to a ‘more connected’ future. Femi Oshiga, VP Sales, Service Providers, MEA, CommScope, tells Intelligent CIO’s Jess Phillips why wireless operators will need to make some critical decisions during the year ahead, as well as how CommScope is […]

How to manage network risk using fluid security

With organisations utilising new technologies in the age of Digital Transformation, it is vital that the security surrounding innovation is up to standard. Amrit Williams, Vice President of Products at Skybox Security, tells us why fluid security’ practices are so important in developing a successful security programme and thus relieving pressure for CISOs. As organisations […]

Huawei predicts 10 emerging trends in telecom energy in next five years

Huawei releases 10 emerging trends in telecom energy in 2025, aiming to provide a reference for operators on site infrastructure construction. 5G is coming. Telecom networks need to undergo these three significant changes: introduce new spectrums and technologies, a lot of new sites and mobile Edge Computing (MEC) sinking. At the same time, as 5G […]

What best practice approach should businesses take to password security?

Password protection is a critical component of a strong business cybersecurity strategy. Kevin Curran, Senior Member of the IEEE and Professor of Cybersecurity at Ulster University, says that the number one rule for companies to manage passwords securely is for their employees to use different passwords across all sites. However, in doing this, individuals often […]

Ding CTO celebrates African females working in technology

Barbara McCarthy, Global CTO at international mobile top-up platform Ding whose African operations are headquartered in Cape Town, tells us about how African women are making a huge contribution to technology. She tells us: “Successful women in technology and the sciences must be celebrated and brought to the fore so that they are visible.” The […]

The compromise and misuse of privileged identity

As the compromise and misuse of identity is often at the core of modern threats, privilege accounts are a prime target for phishing and social campaigns. Peter Draper, Technical Director EMEA, Gurucul, discusses how Privileged Access Management monitoring enables companies to mitigate against insider threats. It’s widely accepted by today’s cybersecurity departments that many serious […]

How C-level execs can better understand insider risk

In the digital era, it is easy to be blinded by the lights of new technologies. However, this can cause us to disregard the factors which pose a threat to insider risk. Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress, discusses insider breach risks and suggests the way we understand and manage insider risk needs to change to comply […]

Altron Karabina expert on the impact of cloud service in South Africa

It is now nearly a year since Microsoft launched its two Azure data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ryan Jamieson, Solutions and Innovation Officer at Altron Karabina, tells us that, in a perfect world, these would have resulted in an instantaneous uptake of the cloud, but these things do take time. Much of the […]

Cyber Resilience Think Tank forecasts key trends to hit the cybersecurity industry

Experts including Christina Van Houten, Chief Strategy Officer at Mimecast, forecast some of the major trends they expect to develop within the cybersecurity industry this year. Mimecast Limited, a leading email and data security company, has announced the availability of Commencing a New Decade: 2020 Predictions, the latest eBook from the Cyber Resilience Think Tank […]

IQbusiness South Africa expert on how the customer experience can be enhanced

Kerry Thomas, Head of Customer Experience Management at IQbusiness South Africa, tells Intelligent CIO how the customer experience is benefiting from technology. How does technology enhance the customer experience? Technology is an enabler to enhance the customer experience, in the case where customers are able to utilise technology, for example Artificial Intelligence, to gain exposure […]

When remote work doesn’t work — and how to make sure it does

In today’s modern age, it is easier than ever to give employees what they want: flexibility. Donna Kimmel, CHRO, Citrix, discusses the simple technologies that help employees become more engaged and productive, ultimately creating a better working experience. It can be tempting to think that workplace innovation is a one-size-fits-all proposition. That at any given […]

Experts discuss the benefits of moving public apps to an on-premise environment

The global findings of Nutanix’s second global Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report found that 84% of respondents in South Africa (compared to 73% globally and 71% across EMEA) are either moving public apps back to on-premise environments or planning to do so. Industry experts discuss these results in more detail. Ian Jansen […]

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