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Editor’s Question: How have companies transformed their cyberdefences in response to recent events?

Indi Siriniwasa, Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa at Trend Micro, explains the new cyberthreats which companies face and how to overcome them. We have heard the term ‘new normal’ bandied about consistently over the last two months and while we may be tired of hearing it, there is an inescapable new reality in the way we […]

Editor’s Question: How have companies transformed their cyberdefences in response to recent events?

Amir Kanaan, Managing Director for Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Kaspersky, explains how Kaspersky is helping healthcare organisations, consumers, businesses and employees during the pandemic. These are strange times for businesses and consumers alike. Since the World Health Organisation announced that COVID-19 was to be labelled a global pandemic, drastic changes have happened to almost […]

Arcserve delivers cloud migration without downtime or data loss

The shift to cloud represents a fundamental change in how organisations use and provide their services, with most already running at least one workload in the cloud today. Arcserve Southern Africa highlights that cloud migration or the process of moving data, applications and workloads to cloud environments offers many benefits ranging from greater elasticity and […]

Ensuring Business Continuity for CIOs during COVID-19

With CIOs facing a multitude of challenges to cope in the battle against COVID-19, Jonathan Scott, Standard Chartered Bank, Chief Operating Officer, South Africa and Southern Africa, tells us how CIOs can ensure employees are equipped to stay productive and keep the business running as usual. COVID-19 is quickly changing how the global economy operates. […]

World Password Day: Privileged password management best practices and benefits

Today is World Password Day. Brian Chappell, Director, Product Management at BeyondTrust, explains the best practices and benefits of privileged password management. Privileged password management refers to the practice and techniques of securely controlling credentials for privileged accounts, services, systems, applications, machines and more. The ultimate goal of privileged password management is to reduce risk […]

How to protect against cyberattacks when working from home during COVID-19

Companies can take relatively straightforward steps to ensure effective cybersecurity for remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan Olson, Vice President, Threat Intelligence (Unit 42) at Palo Alto Networks, explains how businesses can protect themselves against cyberattacks. As we navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the need to halt the spread of the deadly […]

Global security leaders outline four key trends for how to transform a SOC

Mimecast has published its latest Cyber-resilience Think Tank report which looks at the benefits and challenges of keeping a Security Operating Centre in-house versus outsourcing it. This latest report digs into the human element of team organisation, various cybersecurity strategies and the tools and technology underpinning SOCs. Mimecast Limited, a leading email and data security […]

Smart Cities are built with resiliency in mind

Sustainability should be a key focus when introducing the Smart City concept to an existing conurbation within the African context. Alison Groves, Regional Director, WSP, Building Services, Africa, explains how and why sustainability can shape the future. When looking to introduce the Smart City concept to an existing conurbation within the African context – from […]

The importance of securing a Smart City

A Smart City creates a significant number of cybersecurity challenges. Emmanuel Tzingakis, Customer Service Manager Lead at Trend Micro Sub-Saharan Africa, explains the threat landscape and how to keep safe. Earlier this year, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, identified Lanseria as the site where a new Smart City will be developed, reiterating its importance on the […]

BT expert on balancing security and Digital Transformation

James Hennah, Director, Security, Asia, Middle East and Africa, for BT, shares insights about balancing security demands with the requirements of Digital Transformation. He talks us through three domains – cloud, compliance and cyberthreats – and provides recommendations that can help CIOs and CISOs make security integral to their organisations. Keeping the cloud secure According […]

Data management key to Digital Transformation

Henry Adams, Country Manager for South Africa at InterSystems, tells us that effective access to data is key to ensuring Digital Transformation projects can deliver rapid and sustainable business returns. Improving the customer experience has become a driver behind Digital Transformation (DX) projects and a foundation built on data management is fundamental for any digitally-led […]

Innocent insider threats: Defending against human error

Insider threats are a real concern for businesses and can often go undetected. Emile Abou Saleh, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Proofpoint, explains how to protect systems against these threats. Insider threats are notoriously hard to detect. Keeping malicious attackers out is challenging enough, defending against those already on the inside is a […]

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