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Expert discusses the security trends the channel should be aware of

Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox, discusses how the channel can remain competitive in an ever-expanding cyber world by understanding the latest trends within the sector to develop their capabilities. It is expected that cybercrime will cost the world US$6 trillion by 2021 as estimated by Gartner. To protect customer data […]

Poor data mastery impacting ability to drive value from data

On average, less than 40% of companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are confident they can master their data – that is manage, secure and gain insight from data, and use it responsibly. Capabilities in these four areas aren’t projected to increase in the next three years, according to a new study […]

BT-SA announces new infrastructure offering

Bridging Technologies SA (BT-SA) has announced its new Asset Infrastructure Offering which ensures that enterprises not only have installation of infrastructure but can procure the assets themselves from BT-SA. “We understand that there are many businesses that are under financial pressure, but still need to put the right infrastructure in place,” said Isaac Mophathlane, Director […]

Skybox Security Suite 10 simplifies cyber-risk management

Skybox Security, a global leader in cyber-risk management, has announced the launch of Skybox Security Suite 10. This latest product version further strengthens Skybox capabilities to simplify enterprise security management processes that oversee mass-scale, hybrid networks. Skybox 10 brings an intuitive, customisable user experience to simplify management of vulnerabilities, security policies, firewalls and changes from […]

Digital business runs off smarter teamwork

Businesses that want to compete in the digital economy have a central goal – to use Digital Transformation to secure and drive competitive advantage. And, according to Muggie van Staden, MD of open source technology and services provider Obsidian Systems, says to achieve this, there must be an obvious connectedness among employees and a clear […]

Get to Know: Neil Buckley, Managing Director at Apex BI

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? I have had many memorable achievements, some big and many small. There are, however, also a few great moments that stand out for me. The first was being awarded Employee of the Year and then quickly following that up by becoming the youngest manager at arguably […]

64% of businesses have suffered insider breach, BeyondTrust reveals

BeyondTrust, a global leader in privileged access management, has released the 2019 Privileged Access Threat Report. In its fourth edition, the global survey explores the visibility, control and management that IT organisations across the globe – including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia – have over employees, contractors and third-party vendors with privileged […]

Local Azure data centres to drive cloud growth

Earlier this year saw the launch of Microsoft data centres in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, this world-class cloud infrastructure that will power emerging cloud, AI and edge computing innovations across the continent. Azure is the first of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud services to be delivered from the new data centres, with  Office […]

Blockchain helps assure consumers their food is ethically sourced

Opinion piece by Craig Nel, Mobile & Cognitive Experience (MCX) Leader at Oracle Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Ensuring ethical sourcing is a major focus area for many companies as they start to understand just how important it is to their buyers. Increasingly, brands are understanding they must show they’re thinking about the wider impact […]

Stand to lose everything through lack of awareness

There are a growing number of attacks and almost all of the successful ones have come from an insider being compromised through deception, negligence or a lack of awareness. J2 Software CEO John McLoughin says companies need to attack or face being attacked themselves and stand to lose everything. The common response to a cyberattack […]

Global survey confirms digitalisation tops the agendas of chief procurement officers

Procurement organisations continue to evolve from a clerical back office function to a strategic business function that orchestrates supply networks, drives innovation and growth, aligns business operations with companies’ ethical and social values, and manages risk, even as markets and technologies continuously change. And, according to chief procurement officers (CPOs) globally, digitisation in procurement will […]

Redstor rescues vets hit by ransomware attack

Redstor, a leading provider of next-generation data management, has come to the rescue of a vets hit by a ransomware attack. Terry Wilson, the practice manager at South Africa-based Teva Veterinary Clinic, revealed how staff turned up for work on a Monday morning to discover cyber criminals had encrypted all their files. However, after a […]

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