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Red Hat expert: Digital transformation is not going away any time soon

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is everywhere and according to Erica Langhi, solution architect at Red Hat, it’s not going away any time soon. Organisations are acutely aware of the need to become more digital to stay competitive and serve customers in new ways. We have entered an era of agile development practices, hybrid technology footprints […]

Africa’s smartphone market experiences a quarter-on-quarter decline

Africa’s smartphone market experienced a quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) decline of 6.4% during Q4 2017, according to the latest insights announced by International Data Corporation (IDC). The global technology research and consulting firm’s Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker shows smartphone shipments were down to 20.3 million units for the quarter. Year on year (YoY), this represents an 18% […]

Creating tomorrow’s ecosystem – Teraco to expand its African offering

Teraco, Africa’s largest vendor neutral colocation data centre provider, is to expand. Its Cape Town premises will result in a facility five-times larger than the original footprint completed in early 2009., while the Durban data centre, the smallest of Teraco’s regional facilities, will also be upgraded due to increased demand. “Responding to current and future […]

SearchInform and Condyn bring data leak prevention technology to market

Leading information security company SearchInForm has partnered with Condyn to bring its next generation data leak prevention technology to the African market. The benefit of the system is based on the principle – one cannot prevent what one doesn’t know about. Therefore, it also takes into consideration social media and other communication channels used daily […]

African firm J2 Software tackles security in the hyper-connected world

African ICT company J2 Software has launched a range of solutions to keep up with the rapid growth of associated attacks aimed at mismanaged or unpatched devices. “Every day new devices are being added to the corporate environment bringing new threats and vulnerabilities in the picture,” said J2 Software MD John McLoughlin. “This is why […]

Networks Unlimited expert Anton Jacobsz on how to protect your data

It is pretty much given that most people have their personal information documented somewhere in virtual space. Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited, says it is essential that businesses and individuals know all the risks and how to prevent them. Data has been captured in many forms and bits and bytes through […]

Advanced DDoS for small and medium sized businesses from Arbor Networks

Around the globe, you don’t have to look far to find anecdotes about the increasing need for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to ramp up their cybersecurity arrangements. In South Africa, Professor Basie von Solms, Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity at the University of Johannesburg, noted during 2017 that small companies in this country […]

Opinion: SD-WAN will showcase more than just cost-savings in 2018

Software defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) have been generally known for a value proposition that revolves around cost savings on bandwidth. When businesses look to cut the high costs of running a wide area network, SD-WANs can help to save on money by replacing high cost MPLS networks with lower cost broadband internet connections. However, […]

Polymatica offers data analysis to citizen data scientists in the EMEA

Polymatica, a next-generation business intelligence and data science company, has announced that it has launched its analytics engine in EMEA. With experience of providing business intelligence and analytics to organisations such as Rosneft, Mary Kay and BiN Bank, Polymatica’s technology is built to put the control of data into the hands of citizen data scientists. […]

The role of data and analytics in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Alistair Maxwell, Head of Strategic Consulting at Decision Inc, looks at how African organisations can benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, the list goes on. These are considered important elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that blurs the lines between physical, digital, and biological. Central […]

Infographics: Nokia aiming to enhance public safety in Africa

Public safety is of concern for all countries, with teams spending hours working tirelessly to ensure that citizens are protected. Such incidents include natural disasters, crime spikes, or any unrest that may occur. In 2017, several African countries were hit by unforeseen disasters. These included floods in Nigeria and Niger, the Sierra Leonne mudslides and […]

Opinion: The Industrial Internet of Things is reinventing manufacturing

Machine-to-machine integration and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are reinventing manufacturing as we know it, giving birth to the Smart Factory. Monzer Tohme, Regional Vice-President, Middle East & Africa, Epicor Software, says manufacturers can gain plenty from being more in tune with machines. While manufacturers have been collecting information from across the manufacturing floor […]

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