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Capgemini launches Quantum Lab and announces a new agreement with IBM

Capgemini launches Quantum Lab and announces a new agreement with IBM

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Capgemini has announced it has set up a dedicated lab and team of quantum technology experts from across the globe to develop capabilities and coordinate research facilities aimed at the advancement of quantum technologies and exploration of their potential. In addition to Capgemini’s work to explore Quantum Communications and Quantum Sensing, the initiative also includes a collaboration with IBM to help clients build and maximise their engagements in the areas of Quantum Computing. 

Capgemini’s Quantum Lab (Q-Lab) comprises quantum technology experts and highly-specialist facilities in the United Kingdom, Portugal and India to harness the potential of quantum technologies. Capgemini’s Q-Lab will coordinate research programmes to develop business-driven client propositions for sectors most likely to benefit from quantum technologies in the medium future – life sciences, financial services, automotive and aerospace. It will also drive early experiments with clients in their quantum journeys and accelerate the building of in-house skills and capabilities. 

This initiative leverages the experience of specialist technical teams within the Capgemini stable who have already built scientific and technology capabilities in quantum, through early experimentation and incubation with clients. 

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