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4-Step Action Plan to equip data scientists for the hybrid world

Have you assessed the tools your data scientists need to thrive in and out of the office?

No matter where data teams are working from, they require high-performance computing power. But the quick fixes that IT relied on in the early days of hybrid work—like VDI and VPNs—just aren’t robust enough to meet these users’ compute-intensive needs.

Data scientists require an experience that’s consistent with their powerful office workstation, as lag times and unplanned interruptions may throw their work off course, inhibiting productivity. The security vulnerabilities inherent in less secure, “band-aid” solutions could prove problematic too—increasing both the risk of a breach and resulting unplanned downtime.

Given the sheer amount and value of data they work on, data scientists certainly top the list of ideal targets for hackers. When petabytes of sensitive data are being processed daily over at-home or public connections, securing your company’s intellectual property and personally identifiable information is imperative. Ultimately, IT must deliver mature work-from-home solutions that enable secure, remote access to the horsepower an in-office data science computer provides.

IT decision makers can adapt the steps outlined here to their own needs, as they choose tools to enable their remote data scientists who depend on workstation-class resources for their job functions.

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