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AEM expert on creating a data centre testing strategy to address increased infrastructure demands

With data centre infrastructure evolving to meet the changing needs of end users – including the incorporation of IoT devices – data centre managers can no longer rely on basic cabling testing. It’s critical that they have the tools available to be able to test and troubleshoot issues quickly, to ensure Business Continuity. Lisa Schwartz, […]

Banking and financial firms must get a grip on data – or face the consequences

In the banking, finance and insurance sectors, legacy systems are the anchor that keeps the business rooted to the past. Sheena Chin, Managing Director of Asean, Cohesity, tells us: “They are a major reason why business transformation becomes so challenging. Moving away from legacy systems can be both technically and culturally tough, but it is a […]

IT is challenged but will emerge stronger than ever

Jacqui Guichelaar, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Cisco, discusses the recent Cisco survey in which CIOs reveal their fears, strengths and strategies for coping with the pandemic. In my position as Cisco’s CIO, I often have the opportunity to connect with my peers across the industry. And that’s been a great source […]

No silver bullet to deal with cyberattacks

Yaniv Hoffman, Vice President Technologies, Radware, tells Intelligent CIO APAC, how the attack surface has expanded in recent times. The pandemic threatening our global economy, has impacted significantly online behavior and the security of businesses and individuals. The massive increase in online activity, plus increased dependency on online services, means that attacks have a greater […]

How COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of voice communication

Remote working has become the ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, Rene Sugo, Chief Executive Officer for MNF Group, said there is still the need for human connection. He explains the different factors at play. The enforced change in working habits produced by the COVID-19 crisis has done more to fast-track Digital Transformation, particularly […]

Subex expert on the cyberthreats facing manufacturers

Attacks on manufacturing organisations can be particularly disruptive and, with the ongoing convergence of IT and OT systems, it’s critical that CIOs take steps to secure their critical infrastructure. Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex, tells us about the challenges facing manufacturing firms and how they can get ahead of attackers. Can you tell us about some […]

How to get 5G security right today’s uncertain times

Mike O’Malley, Radware, explains how businesses can get 5G security right . At the start of 2020, everyone in mobile was expecting 5G to launch at a normal pace. Speculation was rife on new handsets, and the anticipation of exciting new IoT applications and wearables, through to mainstream use of AR and VR. There have […]

Batten down the hatches: Increase in COVID scams targeting remote workers

Businesses are now quickly learning how to secure the network with increasingly complex requirements. Jamie Humphrey, General Manager Australian and New Zealand, Rubrik, explains how businesses can protect themselves from COVID-19 scams. The pandemic-induced rush to work from home has quickly reduced visibility of the network for IT teams of businesses of all sizes. This […]

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