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Overcoming the challenge of MFA ‘fatigue’ attacks

Leonardo Hutabarat, Head of Solution Engineering, APJ at LogRhythm, explains how security teams can tackle the emerging threat of MFA fatigue attacks. As growing numbers of organizations shore up their IT security by deploying multi-factor authentication, the technology is becoming an increasing target for cybercriminals. No longer able to gain access to IT infrastructures simply by […]

The secret to successfully deploying service mesh platforms

Solutions Architect at Venafi, Steve Judd, suggests that despite the complexities of cloud infrastructure, service mesh technology reduces the strain and stress of development teams. The global pandemic brought with it many changes for businesses of all sizes and one of the most striking has been a sharp uptick in the use of cloud platforms and services. […]

Deep Dive: Andrew Froehlich, President of Westgate Networks and Lisa Schwartz, Director of product marketing, AEM

Mission control: The evolution of the CIO role

The transformation of the CIO role is undeniable as we continue to witness a shift in the responsibilities that have been thrust upon them, especially since the pandemic. Arthur Hu, SVP and Global CIO at Lenovo, discusses the changing role of the CIO as it evolves into an ever more complex one, and why partnering […]

Automation isn’t the answer to the cybersecurity skills shortage

Vaughan Shanks, Cydarm CEO, says the resourcing challenges of security operations teams are nuanced and unlikely to be substantially solved using automation alone.  We know there’s a security skills shortage. We’re constantly reminded of it – the gap between supply and demand isn’t closing and a high number of data breaches and ransomware incidents are occurring as a result. Automation is commonly marketed as […]

Deep Dive: Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer,

Keeping compliant as Australia’s workforce defaults to digital 

Jeremy Paton, Team Engagement Solutions Lead, APAC, Avaya, examines how evolving consumer habits and expectations can affect the cybersecurity of businesses while staying compliant.  Australia’s appetite for digital services is rampant. While there’s still a time and place for doing things in person, the pandemic catapulted Aussies’ expectation for the convenience of accessing goods and […]

Get to Know: Ashish Sinha, Managing Director, Epsilon APAC & MEA 

Ashish Sinha, Managing Director, Epsilon APAC & MEA, talks to us about his career journey, most memorable achievement and how he’s ensured diversity in the workplace.   Describe your current job role.  In 2020, we brought Epsilon to the APAC & MEA regions. My role is to inspire the market, business leaders and my people about […]

Empowering IT Leaders with fiscal insights to become better business leaders

Tarun Kumar Kalra, Regional Vice President, Asia, Apptio, takes a deep dive into the unique challenges in APAC’s Digital Transformation and how best to tackle them through Technology Business Management. Over the past two years, Asian companies across the board pushed through with Digital Transformation faster than the rest of the world. According to the […]

Enabling business: Why security needs ‘grey’ areas in the age of hybrid workforces

Modern workforces require security solutions that not only keep the business and its data secure, but which also ‘enable’ rather than halt productivity. Mike Schuricht, VP of Product Management, Security Service Edge (SSE), Forcepoint, talks us through some of the key security challenges facing organisations and outlines how Forcepoint ONE helps to tackle these. What […]

A helping hand: How to show support this Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Awareness Week (9th- 15th May), we spoke to industry experts about how to best support employees and cultivate a culture of care An alarming 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace and this figure is only increasing. The last two years have put a huge amount of stress […]

Get to Know: Mike Martin, CEO, CAI 

On the lighter side of things, we ask Mike Martin, CEO, CAI, what makes him tick. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? I had the opportunity to move my family to Puerto Rico (twice), China and Ireland as a part of my career assignments. These opportunities provided some of the most challenging, but […]

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