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The security risks of ChatGPT: How businesses can safeguard their data

Though there are many benefits of the new phenomenon that is ChatGPT, it has also caused everyone’s exposure to cybercrime to significantly increase. Florian Malecki, Executive Vice President Marketing, Arcserve, explores the urgent security questions ChatGPT poses and why organisations should invest in solid cybersecurity measures. ChatGPT, developed by the Artificial Intelligence lab, OpenAI, is a […]

How to be a C-suite mum: Why strong networks are key to leadership success

Sameena Hassam, CEO, Capacitas, tells of her journey in tech and asks how we can provide a platform for women to embrace leadership and unlock the power of the female C-suite professional.  In the ever-changing world of enterprise IT, gender equality is more than a social issue. It can also be a critical business enabler, […]

International Women’s Day 2023 focuses on embracing equity and digital technology for all

According to (ISC)2’s Cybersecurity Workforce report, women working in cybersecurity currently account for about one-quarter (24%) of the overall workforce – a rise of 13% since the last report in 2017. While International Women’s Day (IWD) follows the theme of embracing equity through collective action in 2023, the United Nations Observance of International Women’s Day is highlighting the improvement […]

Field service companies reveal their challenges and bright spots in IFS research

Global research has found that technology superiority is the most significant competitive differentiator in field service and emphasizes the importance of companies investing in the right digital technology to continue disrupting the markets. IFS, a global cloud enterprise software company, has announced its global research study results, which uncovers field service companies’ biggest challenges and […]

Expert discusses key challenges facing data centers this year

Honeywell’s Senior Data Center Director, Alpesh Saraiya, has unveiled key challenges facing the data center industry this year, centring on: mounting sustainability pressure, a skills gap exacerbated by senior experts retiring in the next decade and an acquisition-induced race to reduce operational costs. This comes as Australia’s data center market heads towards circa A$13.5 billion by 2027 and Asia-Pacific […]

Simplifying security on the path to a multi-cloud future

CIOs and CISOs must shift their mindset from network-centric security to data-centric security in order to have visibility over their data, said Petko Stoyanov, Global Chief Technology Officer at Forcepoint. He examines why this is important and offers some best practice advice for simplifying security when it comes to the cloud.  The perimeter is not dead, it […]

Emerging tech will power: The world in 2023 and beyond

Sumir Bhatia, President, Asia Pacific, Lenovo ISG, tells us as Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing proliferate, we see tremendous changes coming our way in 2023. Smarter, more integrated technology is already transforming businesses, strengthening research, and changing how we collaborate with colleagues in this digital world. As Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing proliferate, bringing power and efficiency to countless industries and activities, […]

Gartner survey finds 58% of organizations employ borderless technology talent

The 2021 survey from Gartner predicted that three-quarters (75%) of companies by 2023 will have an employment value proposition (EVP) tailored for attracting and retaining technology talent across borders. The Borderless Recruiting is a New Norm for CIOs survey by Gartner revealed 58% of organizations report having at least some technology talent in a fully remote borderless arrangement. […]

Coming to terms with the security challenges of the Metaverse

Pieter Danhieux, CEO of Secure Code Warrior, explains the impact the Metaverse has on security and how to manage the challenges that come with it. When Facebook announced in 2021 that it was working to create a Metaverse, it captured attention around the world. People were captivated by the idea of having a new way to interact while businesses […]

The power of data for driving transformational change

Data is an asset to any organisation and business leaders should embrace the use of data to create real, actionable change. Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, discusses what it means to be truly data-driven and also how organisations are using data to make impactful business decisions. Mike Capone is the CEO of Qlik, a private […]

Empowering IT Leaders with fiscal insights to become better business leaders

Tarun Kumar Kalra, Regional Vice President, Asia, Apptio, takes a deep dive into the unique challenges in APAC’s Digital Transformation and how best to tackle them through Technology Business Management. Over the past two years, Asian companies across the board pushed through with Digital Transformation faster than the rest of the world. According to the […]

How are data centre providers offering a solution to the widening skills gap?

Kao Data, the specialist developer and operator of high-performance data centres for enterprise, cloud, HPC and AI, has launched the Kao Academy – an industry-first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) resource, designed to engage primary and early secondary school-aged children with the purpose and role of a data centre. Created in collaboration with Cambridge […]

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