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Gartner survey finds 58% of organizations employ borderless technology talent

The 2021 survey from Gartner predicted that three-quarters (75%) of companies by 2023 will have an employment value proposition (EVP) tailored for attracting and retaining technology talent across borders. The Borderless Recruiting is a New Norm for CIOs survey by Gartner revealed 58% of organizations report having at least some technology talent in a fully remote borderless arrangement. […]

Coming to terms with the security challenges of the Metaverse

Pieter Danhieux, CEO of Secure Code Warrior, explains the impact the Metaverse has on security and how to manage the challenges that come with it. When Facebook announced in 2021 that it was working to create a Metaverse, it captured attention around the world. People were captivated by the idea of having a new way to interact while businesses […]

The power of data for driving transformational change

Data is an asset to any organisation and business leaders should embrace the use of data to create real, actionable change. Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, discusses what it means to be truly data-driven and also how organisations are using data to make impactful business decisions. Mike Capone is the CEO of Qlik, a private […]

Empowering IT Leaders with fiscal insights to become better business leaders

Tarun Kumar Kalra, Regional Vice President, Asia, Apptio, takes a deep dive into the unique challenges in APAC’s Digital Transformation and how best to tackle them through Technology Business Management. Over the past two years, Asian companies across the board pushed through with Digital Transformation faster than the rest of the world. According to the […]

How are data centre providers offering a solution to the widening skills gap?

Kao Data, the specialist developer and operator of high-performance data centres for enterprise, cloud, HPC and AI, has launched the Kao Academy – an industry-first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) resource, designed to engage primary and early secondary school-aged children with the purpose and role of a data centre. Created in collaboration with Cambridge […]

Counting the cost of the biggest BEC attacks

Robust email protection is a necessity for protecting against one of the industry’s most sophisticated attack types; Business Email Compromise (BEC). Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, Proofpoint, offers some top tips to avoid falling victim to these types of attacks and highlights the importance of adding an extra layer of protection to your business to ensure […]

Expert advice for layering up your defences this World Password Day

The annual World Password Day raises awareness of the importance of having robust and resilient password hygiene practices in place. We hear from various industry experts who discuss best practices for password security. Cian Heasley, Security Consultant at Adarma: “It’s common for people to resort to simple, easy to remember passwords reused across most, if […]

Eight guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services today

Security leaders will be familiar with the term ‘Zero Trust’ – an approach crucial as vulnerabilities and attacks are becoming more damaging to organisations. Hila Meller, BT Vice President Security, Americas, EMEA and APAC, discusses some of the guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services. When it comes to adopting a Zero […]

Getting to grips with Kubernetes as a business enabler

More and more business leaders are beginning to get to grips with Kubernetes, but understanding how it works is another story. Michael Cade, Senior Technologist Product Strategy at Veeam Software, takes a look at some of the important questions surrounding Kubernetes from a data protection perspective and why it is useful. One of the ever […]

Creating value in the workplace with a resilient hyperautomation strategy

Tim Hood is Vice President – EMEA and APAC of Hyland, discusses the concept of hyperautomation and how it can elevate the workplace from monotonous, to purposeful and engaging. Hood explores the critical factors to consider when developing your hyperautomation strategy. First there was automation, now there is hyperautomation. From the age of industrialisation, to […]

Bringing the next billion online one human at a time

Gavin Faulds, Regional Business Head MEA Region, STL Technology, discusses the strategic collaborations the company has been involved with in order to bring the next billion people online in Internet-deprived areas of India and South Africa. Akola, situated in the Indian region of Vidharbha, is Maharashtra’s third largest city. While the city is home to shimmering […]

How the Internet came to define all aspects of work

Mike Hicks, Principal Solutions Analyst at Cisco ThousandEyes, tells us how customer and stakeholder experience continues to be massively reshaped by digitization and the Internet. For the past two years, we’ve all been iterating on what the future of work looks like. The outcome of this effort is an enormous lift-and-shift. For Business Continuity reasons, […]

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