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ClinicAll app aims to make hospital visits hassle-free for patients

ClinicAll app aims to make hospital visits hassle-free for patients

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Developed for iOS and Android, the new ClinicAll app gives users full access to a wide range of services.

ClinicAll has already been successful in providing digitalised solutions for clinics. This expertise has led to the idea of making all the possibilities of this new technology available to all users – conveniently on any smartphone or tablet.

The ClinicAll app makes sure users are the centre of attention

During a hospital stay, the ClinicAll app enables the use of TV, Internet and to call up all hospital information such as treatment appointments, meals, room lighting or bed control. Doctors and staff can inform the patient about upcoming visits via push messages. The app can also be used to call a nurse at any time – making it easy and uncomplicated to communicate with hospital staff.

After the stay, the ClinicAll app provides interesting news and information on the topics of health technology, ClinicAll, affiliated clinics and partners.

The ClinicAll app has now been released in the Android and iOS App stores. To date, no other supplier on the market has been able to realise an app for patients and clinics with a comparable range of features.

In order to install, search through the App store for ‘ClinicAll App’.

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