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Samsung and Qudini partner to improve customer shopping experience

Samsung and Qudini partner to improve customer shopping experience

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Qudini is a cloud-based Customer Experience Management platform, enabling companies to cut queues, schedule appointments, offer click-and-collect services and customise customer communications. Some of the nation’s biggest brands are already utilising the Qudini platform to transform their in-store customer experience in order to increase sales and improve operations.

How does Qudini work?

The Qudini platform works by adding shoppers to a virtual queue, giving them the opportunity to browse and potentially buy other products while they wait, while pre-booked appointment customers also appear in the app as they make their appointments online. Stores can manage their staff more effectively, as over time they can view peak times and resource appropriately. It also means brands can capture information to build personalised customer communications that help build brand loyalty.

Qudini’s clients deploy their app onto Samsung tablets held by staff and placed in floorstanding fixtures to enable customers to: join a virtual queue, pre-book an appointment or event, request help from an in-store colleague or check-in for a click-and-collect order. Due to high-demand for robust kiosk units with scalable off-the-shelf tablet hardware, Qudini have even created their own kiosk unit to house a Samsung tablet connected to a star ticket printer.

Plus, Samsung displays can be used by brands to show customer queue positions on-screen. The solution has improved 15 million customer experiences during the last year alone.

How Samsung technology helps cut queues

The popularity and success of the Qudini platform has led to the Samsung team installing the system on Samsung tablets across its retail estate in the UK. As it stands, once a customer enters a Samsung store, they are met by a friendly concierge who will record which product they are interested in and give real-time updates with regards to their queue position. They will also be able to inform the customer when they will be seen, enhancing the customer relationship with the brand.

Customers can then browse the store or choose to receive a text message when they reach the front of the queue – enabling them to go and enjoy a coffee or continue with the rest of their shopping. Proven success with the platform across the company’s retail estate with customers has led to the system being rolled out in stores further afield in Belgium and Canada.

Client feedback & results

O2 has also embraced the Qudini system on Samsung tablets and it has seen some outstanding results. In 2015, Qudini was introduced across the company’s 487 UK stores. A year later, Qudini had reduced the number of customer walkouts from O2 stores by an incredible 62% – £29m worth of additional annual revenue.

The old way of working saw O2 concierges greeting customers as they entered the store with a clipboard. This provided a poor customer experience because paper and clipboards can look scruffy. Colleagues also had no visibility of each other’s availability and they were unable to provide customers with accurate wait times.

Using Samsung tablets to greet and manage customers is a much more efficient and professional way of working and improves the customer experience.

Growth and expansion

Across Spain, Telefonica, has deployed Samsung tablets within a custom-made kiosk, enabling their customers to self-join the digital queue as soon as they enter the store.

Other brands benefiting from Qudini’s products include high-street giants such as Argos, John Lewis, O2, House of Fraser and Thomas Cook.

In 2017, IKEA, one of Qudini’s customers which uses Samsung tablets for its click-and-collect service was ranked number one in the Connected Retail Index. This Index analysed 200 brands to see which ones offered the best omnichannel experience, taking into account everything from click-and-collect and online fulfilment, to shop-floor technology and staff empowerment. Twenty one percent of the company’s customers bought additional items while waiting for their items in the Qudini queue.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, Imogen Wethered, CEO & Co-founder, said: “Samsung’s technology has been great for us to work with for all our enterprise clients, it’s robust and easy to purchase and maintain, making it highly scalable. They offer a range of different devices and screen sizes, which gives clients significant flexibility: smaller devices are light and easy for staff to carry, whilst their larger screen sizes are great for self-check-in kiosks. As a brand, they’re also incredible at giving back to the start-up ecosystem and helping tech companies to grow through mutually-beneficial relationships. They have been an amazing partner to Qudini since the outset of our business.”

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