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Integan to select Teleste as a Vendor for cable network upgrade

Integan to select Teleste as a Vendor for cable network upgrade

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Teleste has announced that it has been selected as a vendor for Integan’s network upgrade project in Belgium. The agreement comprises 700 of Teleste’s AC8810 intelligent 1.2 GHz nodes, which will be delivered during the next two years, starting in September 2018. Owned by the local municipalities in the area of Antwerp, Integan is a telecommunications operator that takes care of a cable network with about 250,000 homes passed. The frame agreement value is estimated to be about one million euros.

“We chose the Teleste AC8810 optical node because it integrates seamlessly with our exiting HFC network, resulting in minimal installation cost. Our experience with other Teleste products showed us its superior reliability. We expect the AC8810 optical node to have a positive impact on our operational cost and customer satisfaction,” said Jan Arts, Head of HFC Network operations at Integan.

Integan’s public bidding process was based on price and product performance as well as delivery and support capability. The company has a long tradition within the cable industry and today, it is focused on managing and developing a high-quality cable network, meeting the consumers’ constantly growing demands for faster and more reliable connectivity. The deployment of 1.2 GHz nodes further strengthens Integan capabilities as a provider of higher speed data transmission over DOCSIS 3.1 across its cable infrastructure.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Integan to harness its network with future-proof capacity capabilities. During our previous collaboration, we have learned to appreciate its long-term experience and know-how of the cable industry, combined with its innovative approach that makes it possible to address future challenges in a practical and agile way,” said Rami Kimari, Vice President of HFC Networks for Teleste.

Teleste’s AC8810 is an intelligent, dual active output node with upstream segmentation for solid networks. Supporting DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies, the node brings true benefits to operators in terms of capacity performance and redundancy. Due to the possibility to adjust performance and power consumption according to the RF load and output level, the AC8810 is also easy and economical to operate.

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