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Spain’s AOTEC and Intracom Telecom sign strategic agreement

Spain’s AOTEC and Intracom Telecom sign strategic agreement

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Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, has announced the signing of a strategic agreement with the National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications (AOTEC) of Spain, that represents the interests of the industry, to supply ultra-fast broadband services for the next two years to AOTEC members.

More specifically, through this agreement the members of AOTEC can take advantage of Intracom Telecom’s innovative ultra-fast broadband Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) solutions for the licensed band of 28 GHz that provides capacities of more than 200 Mbps to their residential and business subscribers. Furthermore, members of AOTEC will have the option to source more value for their subscribers, using Intracom Telecom’s Smart City, IoT, Big Data and IPTV solutions.

Mr. Antonio García Vidal, President of AOTEC, underlined that this alliance will enable local operators to access cutting-edge solutions developed within the European Union, expanding the range of possibilities for all the small-medium firms, around 1,000 in Spain, through the Association. Mr Vidal highlighted that the distinction of Intracom Telecom is that its value proposition “is based on solutions, not only on products” and he is sure that the two entities can grow together. “Local operators are high-technology firms, innovation agents that make continuous investments improving their wideband networks,” he stated.

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, President and CEO of Intracom Telecom, stated: “Through this agreement, we are committed to support AOTEC members to address the increasing demand for communications and high-speed Internet connectivity throughout Spain. We address Iberia as a strategic market and have established a subsidiary in Madrid to support our customers’ needs, prepare them for the 5G era and enable them to benefit from our comprehensive solutions portfolio that we constantly develop to address customers’ future needs.”

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