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Dutch company VodafoneZiggo digitally trains more than 100,000 students

Dutch company VodafoneZiggo digitally trains more than 100,000 students

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During the past school year, VodafoneZiggo has made more than 100,000 students digitally skilled. This happened with the Online Masters programme, a free curriculum about the digital world intended for the upper classes of primary education and the lower secondary education. In addition, the school this year received almost 2,000 children for an experience day. Here, young people get a look behind the scenes at VodafoneZiggo. More than 250 employees from the organisation were involved as coach or Online Master guest lecturer to stimulate digital skills.

The free curriculum consists of four modules: the digital world, creative and competent online, safe online and consciously online. Online Masters has been developed in collaboration with ECP/ and The programme is regularly supplemented with current topics. The new privacy law (AVG) took effect on 25 May. Online Masters has therefore added an extra level of ‘Personal Data and Privacy’, in which young people talk to each other about privacy and what this law means to them. Online Masters is also available free of charge in the new school year 2018/2019 to help develop digital skills.

Online Masters is given by teachers themselves, whereby the modules are digitally introduced by experts in the various fields. Over 250 colleagues attended one or more classes during the past school year. They did this at the schools themselves or as guest lecturers at a location of VodafoneZiggo where children between the ages of 11 and 15 were received in the past year for an experience day. Every month, more than 200 children get a look at the ‘technical kitchen’ of VodafoneZiggo.

“Digital skills is an important theme within VodafoneZiggo. We believe it is important that children handle digital technology in a safe, aware and competent manner. Last year, De Tweede Kamer approved an accelerated recording of digital literacy in the learning and education plan. Good news, because it is important that digital skills in education have at least as important a place as maths and language. From VodafoneZiggo we have been committed to this for some time now. As long as this is not yet a permanent part of the learning and education plan, we are already introducing young people to technology through the free Online Masters programme and we support them in the development of digital skills,” said Marieke Dekker, Director of External Affairs, VodafoneZiggo.

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