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Social network, Nextdoor, launches across Italy and Spain

Social network, Nextdoor, launches across Italy and Spain

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Nextdoor, the world’s leading private social network for neighbourhoods, has announced its launch in Italy and Spain. Nextdoor’s mission is to bring neighbours together all over the world to build stronger communities and ultimately happier and more meaningful lives. Similar to the member experience in all Nextdoor markets, Nextdoor Italy and Spain have been fully localised and optimised for neighbourhoods across the country on web, iOS and Android devices. In Spain, neighbours have the option of using Nextdoor in either Spanish or Catalan.

Introduced in the US in 2011, Nextdoor has raised more than US$250 million from US venture capital firms and European investors including Axel Springer. Nextdoor began its global expansion in 2016 and today, more than 200,000 neighbourhoods across seven countries use Nextdoor. Nextdoor’s most recent expansion into France marked its fastest growing international market to date – more than 200,000 neighbours have signed up since France was introduced. Italy and Spain are demonstrating strong early interest in Nextdoor as well, tens of thousands of new members and more than 600 new neighbourhoods have already been established during Italy and Spain’s initial private beta offerings. The highly engaged members in Nextdoor’s six European countries represent a level of adoption unparalleled by any of the multiple smaller competitors seeking to emulate the platform’s success.

“While technology continues to enable more people to connect virtually around the world, fostering real world connections that lead to richer interactions, experiences and communities is a universal desire that’s become more profound than ever before. We are excited to bring Nextdoor to Italy and Spain, countries where local connections have always been one of the most valued aspects of everyday life,” said Nirav Tolia, Co-Founder and CEO of Nextdoor. “The local pride and sense of community shared by both Italians and Spaniards are perfectly aligned with the practical ways our platform enables richer personal connections in real life.”

On Nextdoor, neighbours create private and secure online communities where they can ask questions, get to know one another and exchange local advice and recommendations. For example, neighbours across Europe are already using Nextdoor to get trusted recommendations for babysitters and handymen, give away clothing, sell unwanted items and organise neighbourhood gatherings.

Signing up for Nextdoor is easy and secure. To join Nextdoor, all members are required to use their real name and verify their home address. Neighbourhood conversations are only accessible to verified neighbours of that neighbourhood. All Nextdoor websites are password protected and neighbourhood content and member information cannot be found in Google or other search engines.

Neighbours in Italy and Spain can download the app or visit and and enter their address to locate their neighbourhood. If a Nextdoor neighbourhood has already been started in their area, they can immediately verify and sign up. If a member is registered using a verified address in an area where a neighbourhood has not yet been established, they can easily become the Founding Member and bring Nextdoor to their neighbourhood.

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