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Yellowfin helps Altuity drive efficiency in education and construction

Yellowfin helps Altuity drive efficiency in education and construction

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Yellowfin BI, the analytics company that helps customers get to the resolution faster, has announced that Altuity, a leading provider of asset- and maintenance-management software, has embedded Yellowfin technology into its software. By doing so, Altuity will enable its customers to intuitively interpret information and save time and money.

Since 2013, Altuity has been providing cutting-edge solutions to schools, construction companies and organisations in the commercial sector, providing 2D and 360° facilities, asset, maintenance and inspection management as well as giving construction teams a visual display of underground assets such as plastic pipes, fibre optics, valves and joints.

Steve Voller, CEO at Altuity, commented: “We saw a real opportunity to develop two completely new applications that brought the concept of Google street view to asset management and sub surface engineering. We’ve done this by using integrated maps, floor and site plans, 360° photospheres, with added elements of Augmented Reality, so you can effectively walk through the environment or virtually open up the ground beneath your feet. We felt confident that advanced data visualisation would support better interaction and drive greater understanding of the data and information being managed.”

Altuity wanted to deliver ready-to-go dashboards and reporting, so chose to integrate this functionality rather than developing the analytical front end themselves. By choosing to embed Yellowfin, Altuity was able to go to market much faster with solutions that offered fully integrated dashboards and pre-packaged reports, making it easier for businesses to collaborate and engage with their data and confidently make proactive decisions.

Voller continued: “Yellowfin’s clean, crisp reporting interface provides an excellent UI for both developers and end-users. We’ve found it very easy to create standard reports and dashboards and the feedback from our customer base is hugely positive. The architecture of the software is extensible; we’re excited that it will grow with us and be able to accommodate all of our future requirements. For example, our software was designed to be translatable from the outset, like Yellowfin and we’re already engaged with organisations outside of the UK.”

Yellowfin helps Altuity customers to determine trends and relationships between data. It gives its end-users the ability to drill into data and gain insight into critical issues such as: which assets need the most maintenance, how assets are deteriorating over time, whether Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being adhered to and ultimately take action.

Voller concluded: “There is a huge amount of functionality in Yellowfin and there’s a real wow factor when you start showing people the reports. The collaboration and Assisted Insights features really help our products to stand out and we love the direction the product is taking. The way Yellowfin is using automation and Machine Learning promises to deliver even more engagement with the data, so the future is really exciting.”

Shawn Deegan, General Manager at Yellowfin EMEA, said: “It’s always really satisfying to help a customer take its offering to the next level. For Altuity, our technology provides its products with additional differentiation. Yellowfin’s advanced BI and analytics capabilities form a critical part of many business infrastructures and we are delighted to see our technology successfully deployed in further verticals with interesting use cases.”

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