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Huawei strengthens OpenLab Program to foster industry ecosystem in Europe

Huawei strengthens OpenLab Program to foster industry ecosystem in Europe

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Huawei has unveiled that it will build a new OpenLab focusing on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing in Ismaning/Munich by the end of 2018, after successfully launching the Munich and Paris OpenLabs in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Strengthening OpenLab Program with US$50 million total investment in three years in Europe

Huawei has built and operates 11 OpenLabs globally today; there will be three OpenLabs in Western Europe by the end of 2021 and a total investment of around US$50 million is planned there to strengthen joint innovation and solution building with customers and partners.

Wu Mo, Director of Western European OpenLab, said: “In the next three to five years, Huawei’s AI technology will be widely used for device-cloud collaborative image/video analysis, such as the autonomous driving in the vehicle-road collaboration scenario. Huawei’s IoT technologies enable digitalisation of massive terminals and can easily build digital cities based on all measurable points in the city. The mission of the Western Europe OpenLabs is to build a digital enablement platform for Smart Cities, manufacturing and retail industries, and open up Huawei’s powerful ICT capabilities to facilitate partners to develop rich and diverse intelligent applications in various industries, to building a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Platform and ecosystem strategy accelerates Digital Transformation with customers and partners

The Global OpenLab Program is aligned with Huawei Enterprise Business Group’s ‘platform and ecosystem’ strategy. This strategy centres on collaborating with partners and customers to develop innovative, differentiated and leading industry specific solutions that enable open, elastic, flexible and secure platforms to drive enterprise Digital Transformation. Huawei is focused on facilitating a Digital Transformation ecosystem to implement joint innovations and expand the ecosystem in terms of industry alliances, business alliances, developer platforms and open-source communities.

“In 2018, Huawei prepared around US$2 million funding for industry solution development and encouraged solution partners to develop industry applications based on the black-land (Huawei digital enablement platform). Currently, in two OpenLabs in Western Europe, Huawei has developed joint solutions and go-to-market with more than 40 partners globally. Many local industry customers are implementing these joint solutions from Huawei OpenLab, such as the smart manufacturing solutions with partners like SAP, to help manufacturing customers transform towards Industry 4.0 and build a smart city’s nervous system and city brain through collaboration with Accenture and other partners. It also cooperates with startups such as Malong and Hanshow to build innovative consumer-centric and data-driven new retail solutions, helping retail customers improve customer experience, increase revenue, improve operation efficiency and reduce costs. Huawei also works with Altair to build a collaborative R&D simulation cloud solution to help automotive industry customers achieve Digital Transformation in the R&D phase, with Wipro to build a smart supply chain solution to help logistics customers realise the intelligent logistics services,” added Wu Mo.

Commenting on its collaboration with Huawei, Director of SAP EMEA South Region, Marco Ciavarella, added: “Starting from 2012, SAP has established strategic alliance partnership with Huawei, Huawei is one of SAP’s global technology partners. Our strategic relationship has been successful and fruitful for both organisations and most importantly, for our joint customers. The SAP and Huawei partnership has brought many innovative solutions with new hardware choices offering higher reliability and better price/performance, now we are expanding our collaboration further on manufacturing, Smart City industries by leveraging competence and capability of Huawei OpenLab and SAP Co-innovation lab to drive more joint industry solutions for business success together.”

Huawei is committed to cooperate with its customers and partners in building ICT platforms featuring Cloud, Pipe, and Device collaboration, and orchestrating symbiotic, vibrant and sustainable ecosystems. Huawei will continue to work with its partners to explore new ways to address Digital Transformation challenges in the new ICT era.

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