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Eurosmart welcomes proposal to boost EU cybersecurity industry

Eurosmart welcomes proposal to boost EU cybersecurity industry

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Eurosmart, located in Brussels and the voice of the Digital Security Industry, welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation establishing the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence centre and the Network of National Coordination Centres.

The proposal, based on a cooperation model, aims at stimulating the European cybersecurity technological and industrial ecosystem. The digital security industry supports the idea of the creation of an implementation body for both the proposed Digital Europe Programme and the Horizon Europe Programme.

As stated by the proposal for a regulation, in order to ramp up the EU’s cyber-resilience, efforts must be made to bring together the industry and the research in the field of cybersecurity. Eurosmart is proud to contribute to both factors and to be a part of the 660 cybersecurity expertise centres on which the proposal is built on.

“Eurosmart, as a founding member of the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO), has been contributing to the very first European initiative, bringing together the research, SMEs, industry, European regions and public-sector communities in the field of cybersecurity,” said Stéfane Mouille, Eurosmart President.

Through this new proposal, the European Commission intends to enhance this public-private partnership and to put Europe in a “position to autonomously secure its digital assets.”

Europe must boost its cybersecurity industry in order to compete in the global security market. According to the draft Final Report on the Cybersecurity Market Study, Europe is a net importer of cybersecurity product solutions and depends on non-EU providers. The European Digital Security Industry, represented by Eurosmart, may be the only exception of the cybersecurity industry being a global leader in the exportation of secure elements.

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