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Plume launches with Tele2 in the Netherlands for Wi-Fi opportunities

Plume launches with Tele2 in the Netherlands for Wi-Fi opportunities

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Plume, the Silicon Valley-based creator of adaptive Wi-Fi, has announced the availability of its smart home services bundle in the Netherlands through Tele2, a leading telecom operator. Designed to address a number of pain points including inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage and performance, Plume learns the needs of the home to make Wi-Fi faster, safer and more reliable.

Plume memberships are available to all Tele2 Internet subscribers for €5.00 per month. The service bundle, called ‘Slimme Wi-Fi’, includes adaptive Wi-Fi, HomePass, advanced parental controls, the Plume app and a three-pack of Plume Pods. Customers must have a Tele2 Internet subscription to add Plume.

Poor Wi-Fi signals, dropped mobile phone calls and buffering video are now a thing of the past as Plume constantly analyses and adapts to every member’s unique environment. Adaptive Wi-Fi fills the entire home with the strongest possible signal and ensures that users receive the most reliable and consistent home Wi-Fi experience on any device. HomePass guest access allows members to personalise who gets onto their Wi-Fi networks, for how long and what they can do. Advanced parental controls offer further personalisation, enabling parents to precisely control when and what services their children have access to. The ability to freeze Internet, block access to adult sites, or set access schedules makes for ultimate peace of mind.

The elegantly designed Plume Pods plug directly into regular wall mounted power sockets and can be set up in minutes using the Plume app for Android and iOS, and extend smart and fast Wi-Fi to every corner of the home.

“Tele2 is dedicated to providing our customers with the most innovative, easy-to-use technology at the most reasonable price,” said Job Schut, Head of Consumer Fixed of Tele2. “We are thrilled to partner up with Plume, through its integrated and managed adaptive Wi-Fi solution that offers the control, personalisation and exceptional user experience that Plume delivers.”

“We are thrilled to bring Plume to the Netherlands first with Tele2,” said Sri Nathan, Co-founder and Head of Business Development of Plume. “With the ever-expanding number of in-home smart devices, wall-to-wall connectivity, reliability and security are must-haves. Tele2 subscribers are the big winners in this first-to-market initiative in the Netherlands.”

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