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Red Hat launches programme to support the future of telecom innovation

Red Hat launches programme to support the future of telecom innovation

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Red Hat, a world leading provider of open source solutions, has announced a new training and certification programme emphasising the next-generation of telecommunications innovation. The Red Hat Certified Architect Program in Telco Cloud focuses on the skills that telecommunications engineers need to build network function virtualisation (NFV) clouds, critical technologies that can help drive advanced services like 5G. Used by Rakuten Mobile Network as part of its collaboration with Red Hat in building a fully virtualised core-to-edge NFV cloud, the programme is designed to help Red Hat Certified Engineers and Red Hat Certified Architects gain the knowledge needed to effectively use virtualised and cloud-native functions in building telecommunications infrastructure and services.

Red Hat Certified Architect Program in Telco Cloud

Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure and Red Hat Certified Architect in Enterprise Applications are Red Hat’s highest certifications, representing both depth and breadth of skills and knowledge. The Telco Cloud Program consists of a certification path specifically recommended for professionals in the telecom industry that will lead to RHCA in Infrastructure. Available now, engineers taking the programme can gain the skills needed to build open, innovative next-generation infrastructure that covers core to edge processes and technologies, enabling them to more effectively create full-scale network function virtualisation (NFV) clouds.

Randy Russell, Director, Certification, Red Hat, commented: “To deliver the future of telco innovation, engineers and architects need the proper skill sets to use emerging technologies like cloud-enabled NFV and Linux containers to their fullest. The Red Hat Certified Architect Program in Telco Cloud is designed to help these individuals gain a greater understanding of the technologies and processes underpinning next-generation telecommunications infrastructure and provide them with the knowledge to bring these advancements to their respective organisations. We’re pleased to have Rakuten Mobile Network as the first organisation taking advantage of this programme as it works to launch a fully virtualised, end-to-end cloud-native mobile network.”

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