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Teleste continues to work with Alstom by delivering solution in Italy

Teleste continues to work with Alstom by delivering solution in Italy

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Teleste is continuing cooperation with Alstom, a leading provider of integrated transport systems, by delivering its on-board solution to Coradia Stream trains designed for public transport operators in Italy and operated by Trenitalia under the name POP. The now-agreed deliveries will begin this year and they continue the collaboration between Teleste and Alstom that was launched under a frame agreement in 2017.

Teleste’s deployment to Alstom will include the company’s passenger information systems (PIS), on-board video surveillance, intercommunication and public address systems as well as TFT and LED information displays. The entire on-board solution is especially designed for easier, safer and more entertaining travelling and it supports seamless integration and management of the on-board systems as part of larger public transport ecosystems.

“We appreciate the opportunity to continue cooperation with Alstom in developing solutions for smart and safe public mobility. As the number of public transport users maintains a consistent level of growth worldwide, there is an increasing demand for more effective travelling with high availability of real-time passenger information and services; with decades of experience and innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, we are committed to working with our customers to drive this transformation forward,” said Pekka Vänni, Director of the On-board Solutions business unit at Teleste.

The Alstom trains are designed to offer passengers an excellent travel experience by increasing availability, accessibility and passenger information as well as facilitating maintenance. Teleste’s on-board solution adds to the company’s focus on high-quality on-board technologies with easy adaptation to future public transport and passenger needs. For example, the integrated solution makes it possible for the operational control centre to remotely manage and share passenger information and other types of content, such as advertisements, on the smart on-board displays. Also commands and messages can delivered over the IP network to the moving vehicles while the on-board video surveillance system helps improve the safety and security of passengers by enabling a live, real-time camera view into the trains.

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