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DXC Technology launches innovation centre in London

DXC Technology launches innovation centre in London

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DXC Technology, a world leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, has announced the opening of the DXC Innovation Centre in London for the company and its clients to develop and deliver high-impact digital solutions.

DXC’s London Innovation Centre is a collaborative environment that draws on the company’s global experience in Digital Transformation, leverages its rich industry knowledge and independent partner network and creates an environment for the incubation of ideas, learning and development.

The London Innovation Centre adds to DXC’s digital network in the UK, which includes a Digital Transformation Centre in Newcastle that is already helping customers to transform and accelerate the creation of business value. As part of this network, DXC digital technologists and enterprise solution experts will work with customers and partners to modernise and integrate mainstream IT by deploying digital solutions at scale.

“Our Innovation Centre brings together innovative technologies, creative thinking and best practices to develop innovative solutions for clients in a rapidly changing digital era,” said Maruf Majed, Vice President and General Manager, DXC UK, Ireland, Israel, Middle East and Africa. “The Innovation Centre creates opportunities for our people, clients and partners to gain valuable practical experience with digital technology in real-life business applications.”

Local and global digital ideation

The London Centre showcases emerging digital technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain and robotics. There will be a focus on sectors including government, energy and utilities, healthcare and life sciences, travel and transport, insurance, financial services and manufacturing.

As part of DXC’s global network of digital experience centres, the London facility will draw from global teams of digital specialists who are working on digital journey mapping and the co-creation of leading-edge prototypes. The goal is to build enterprise-grade, secure and globally scalable solutions for rapid deployment in customer environments.

Development, engagement and experiential opportunities

The Innovation Centre will create new learning and career development opportunities for DXC employees – including personal and organisational digital skills and capabilities – and will contribute to the wider technology and business communities in the UK.

Initial digital client engagements will focus on:

  • Digital Account Opening – For customers interacting digitally with their banking providers, who have an obligation to their customers and are bound by government regulation, to ensure that interactions are carried out lawfully
  • Field Worker Effectiveness – Using the latest voice-controlled headsets and the ability to connect workers using digital workflows, tasks can be carried out efficiently and details uploaded into business systems
  • KPI Dashboard – Providing a C-level view of enterprise key performance indicators
  • Smart Factory Concept – Increasing productivity through digital manufacturing technologies and IoT

Representing a view from the DXC Partner Network, Peter Almond, PwC Alliance Director, said: “The launch of DXC’s London Innovation Centre provides PwC with a powerful extension to its own ecosystem of customer experience centres and brings the ability to co-create innovative digital solutions which are rooted in the realities that come with deploying technology at scale across complex enterprise environments.”

DXC’s London Innovation Centre will also leverage research and frameworks that address the concepts of ‘Winning in the 21st Century Organisation’ and ‘Developing the mindsets of 21st Century Humans’ from Leading Edge Forum, an independent think tank.

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