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Unisys joins the Cyber Security Coalition to help fight cybercrime in Belgium

Unisys joins the Cyber Security Coalition to help fight cybercrime in Belgium

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Unisys Corporation has announced it has joined the Cyber Security Coalition – a partnership among more than 60 organisations from the academic world and the public and private sectors that have joined forces in the fight against cybercrime in Belgium.

“The Cyber Security Coalition strives to build a strong national cybersecurity ecosystem. Sharing cybersecurity capabilities across sectors is invaluable and helps us all to better protect ourselves against and respond to cyber incidents,” said Jan De Blauwe, Chief Information Security Officer for BNP Paribas Fortis and Chairman of the Cyber Security Coalition. “Unisys’ expertise in the field of cybersecurity software, services and applications enriches our collaboration platform. We are delighted to welcome Unisys as a member.”

The Cyber Security Coalition’s mission is to bolster Belgium’s cybersecurity resilience by bringing together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange and implementing joint actions.

The organisation’s key focus areas are cybersecurity awareness, enterprise security architecture, cloud security, governance, risk and compliance and the Cybersecurity Act – which reinforces the mandate of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) so it can better support member states with tackling cybersecurity threats and attacks. Other Coalition focus groups address privacy, the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS), cryptography and Computer Security Incident Response Team and Security Operations Centre (CSIRT-SOC) activities.

As a global security solutions provider to commercial organisations and governments around the world, Unisys is committed to making cybersecurity more robust. Unisys Chairman and CEO, Peter Altabef, co-chairs the US National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee’s Cybersecurity Moonshot initiative, and the company has strong commitments to other global initiatives including the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and programs delivered by the EastWest Institute.

“We are very pleased to become a member of the Cyber Security Coalition. Our involvement represents a great opportunity to learn from other member organisations and share the best practices, insight and expertise that our team has gained from delivering projects within highly secure environments, particularly with public entities,” said Chris Kloes, Vice President, Security, Unisys. “Unisys is committed to advancing cybersecurity and improving the resilience of systems and solutions worldwide, which is why we support global security initiatives such as the Cyber Security Coalition.”

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