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Organisations across Europe adopt Oracle Autonomous Database as data becomes the new battleground

Organisations across Europe adopt Oracle Autonomous Database as data becomes the new battleground

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According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 5.0 report, every minute there are 510,000 comments posted and 293,000 statuses updated on Facebook, 456,000 tweets sent on Twitter, 46,740 photos posted on Instagram and 16 million text messages sent, as well as 156 million emails. Beyond the world of social, again on a per minute basis, the Weather Channel receives 18,055,556 forecast requests and 600 new page edits are made to Wikipedia. 

We truly live in a world surrounded by data. Increasingly, businesses live or die by it, but harnessing it is difficult. 

Data is the new battleground, but with IT budgets tight and the volumes of data rapidly growing, businesses are struggling to keep up. So what’s the answer?

Increasingly we are seeing companies recognising the power of Oracle Autonomous Database as a transformational technology that can help them overcome these challenges. 

Its self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing nature make it both easy and cost effective to adopt and free IT up to focus on innovation and value added tasks. As a result, organisations of all sizes, from all industries and all geographies, are able to get the data injection they need to better run their operations, serve customers and become more competitive.

It was also interesting to see why they are adopting it. Most are existing businesses who had carved out a niche and were doing well. But business transformation opportunities and new competitors arrive. So while there is no one single use case, those using the industry’s first self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database are doing so to gain deeper and more meaningful data insight, faster than ever before so as to boost operational efficiency, customer service and in particular, their competitiveness. Additionally, at the same time are gaining the ability to innovate and focus on business improvement from being able to free up employees to do more value-added work.

A number of these new customers shared their views:

Oscar Jalón, IT Director, Santiveri, a leading producer of organic food, beverages and beauty products in Spain, said, “To stay ahead of the rising competition in the organic food and beverage market, we need a granular understanding of our business, but our existing IT systems were struggling to keep up. With Oracle Autonomous Database we can execute queries 75-80% faster. This means we can see not only which products are selling well, but exactly where the sales are happening, right down to the individual store and time of day, and then work out the optimum extra resources to put behind a push. The sooner you can make that happen, the sooner you sell more. We are now applying this speed and smarter decision making right across the business to areas like R&D and customer service and can do so with less resource. The technology is self-securing and repairing it is giving our people the freedom to focus on innovation and business improvement.”

Óscar Cuevas, Business Intelligence Manager, SEUR, a Spanish express delivery company, said: “Our business is all about how quickly you can get a customer their package. Oracle technology has already been helping us increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience through better data insight, but now Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud are taking this one step further, so we can get ahead of customers’ demands. Now, we can process huge amounts of data a day – in near real time – and provide personalised data to our different franchises. That’s a huge task if you consider that more than 2.5 million transactions can be generated in order to track a package internally from collection point until delivery. It has also freed up the team so they can focus on innovation. Already, we’ve been able to introduce an app that helps users track and trace where items are on their journey, so we ensure deliveries are scheduled for when the customer is at home. This means happier customers and fewer wasted journeys.”

Artur Kowalski, Line Manager, Intive, a digital design agency based in Poland, said: “We needed a platform that can help us to estimate profitability of potential projects and that can pull data in from various sources, both internal and external, for example, LinkedIn. Oracle Autonomous Database was ideal for getting a preliminary version up and running quickly and reliably without the need to procure, install and configure hardware and software. This means we barely need DBA support and we are also able to scale up and shut down the system easily outside of defined business hours, making it even more economical.”

Krzysztof Wiliński, Head of the Information Resources Department, National Information Processing Institute in Poland, said: “We are ‘the eyes’ of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, providing it with valuable data and insight to help inform decision around things like the fields of study that will be most needed from a corporate or business perspective, where there might be gaps in research, expected earnings that can be derived from particular fields of study, how long it might take university graduates to find a job and much more. The solution’s self-driving nature has made it possible to eliminate the administrative burden related to maintaining a specific database copy and we estimate that using Oracle ADW enabled us to shorten the lead times for queries by an average of 40%.”

With autonomous, these businesses are now better able to keep up with the data deluge. Can you?

Oracle Autonomous Database builds on 40 years of experience supporting the majority of the world’s most demanding applications.  The first of its kind, Oracle Autonomous Database uses groundbreaking Machine Learning to provide self-driving, self-repairing and self-securing capabilities that automate key management and security processes in database systems like patching, tuning and upgrading, all while keeping the critical infrastructure constantly running for a modern cloud experience. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database delivers significantly lower costs than alternatives. 

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