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Kofax RPA and Coforce help Dutch municipality process surge of income support applications

Kofax RPA and Coforce help Dutch municipality process surge of income support applications

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Kofax, a leading supplier of intelligent automation software for digital workflow transformation, and Dutch platinum partner Coforce, have announced that Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping the Dutch municipality of Ede quickly process income support applications for those in need due to COVID-19. The initiative saves municipal workers significant hours of manual data entry, allowing them to quickly approve applications and expedite the allocation of funds to qualified citizens.

TOZO (Tijdelijke Overbruggingsregeling Zelfstandig Ondernemers) provides up to €1,500 from the Netherlands’ government to citizens facing income loss related to COVID-19. The programme also provides loans for business capital up to €10,157. Manual data entry and processing can take three to five minutes per application and is prone to human error. The Coforce solution, built with Kofax RPA, helps expedite the approval process automatically pulling data entered by citizens online. This enables the Ede municipality to process more than 1,500 applications in mere seconds and eliminates human error.

“Kofax RPA allowed the Ede municipality to act swiftly and the centralised intelligent automation platform made sure everything was compliant with privacy regulations,” said Martin van Esschoten, New Business Manager at Coforce. “We were able to implement the solution in less than three days, demonstrating Kofax RPA is something you can depend on — especially when the environment calls for it.”

“Starting small looks attractive, but you can run in to trouble when you have to scale up. After a successful pilot in our tax department, we chose to invest in a solid foundation with Coforce and Kofax RPA,” said Ton Meeuwissen, Information Manager for the municipality of Ede. “This gave us an RPA foundation to build on including all privacy and security elements, playing a crucial role in quickly processing and approving TOZO applications.”

“This is a perfect example of Kofax RPA allowing organisations to quickly develop solutions to transform mission-critical workflows requiring capture and transformation of structured and unstructured data. No other solution can do this as quickly and at scale — which are particularly valuable in crisis situations,” said Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax. “As governments around the world need to react quickly in the face of COVID-19, Kofax focuses on speed-to-value by creating digital workflows that enhance citizen engagements. We’re proud to work with Coforce to support TOZO’s effort to scale government capacity and directly impact and improve the lives of so many Dutch citizens.”

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