Turkish tour operator invests in flexible new technology

Turkish tour operator invests in flexible new technology

Major Eastern European tour operator, Fibula, uses the current market situation to relaunch its tour operator system on Peakwork technology. Fibula will flexibly offer dynamic packages in numerous markets as well as accessing single travel components, such as accommodation and flights, for B2B and B2C sales.

Fibula, headquartered in Antalya, Turkey, operates in six countries as a tour operator, as well as a DMC agency and running its own hotels. Countries include Romania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey.

With its new IT solution based on Peakwork, Fibula will be able to offer dynamic travel packages containing both own and third-party hotel content, combined with its own charter flights and flights from the Sabre GDS. The first hybrid connectivity will be implemented where frequently searched flights come from the Peakwork Player caches and long tail flight offers will be requested in the Sabre inventory, ad hoc, in line with customers’ online demand. Fibula will implement the B2B and B2C frontend which will be developed by Peakwork’s distribution partner for Benelux, Netmatch.

Ayhan Mavisu, CEO of Fibula Air Travel, said: “Amid the COVID crisis, we decided to invest in the Peakwork system as we trust it’s the best way to connect with all the major companies that already use the Peakwork technology and network. We are delighted with our new partnership and look forward to launching the new solution, as well as the flexibility to react to rising demand across our various sales markets.”

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork, said: “This project is a very new and modern setup. Fibula will be able to rapidly react with highest flexibility to current market requirements – independently in all countries where the tour operator is active. We very much appreciate this initiative in these challenging times and will strongly push forward this project and future oriented strategy.”

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