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Orange Belgium innovates in the ecological transition of its operations

Orange Belgium innovates in the ecological transition of its operations

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Orange Belgium is the first telecom operator in Belgium and one of the first in the world to introduce new SIM cards which are produced with 100% recycled plastic. Combined with the recent launch of Half ID SIM and eSIM earlier this year, Orange Belgium strives hard to reduce its plastic consumption and overall footprint.

A few months after introducing its first half ID SIM cards, whose smaller size already allows a yearly economy of two tons of plastic usage, Orange Belgium now introduces the first SIM cards made with 100% recycled plastic. The existing stock of SIM cards will gradually be replaced by these Eco SIMs.

Moreover, these new Eco SIM cards respect the highest quality standards for residential and B2B customers, allowing them to be totally future-proof and to offer reliable connectivity. Combined with the launch earlier this year of the support of eSIMs for residential customers, which allows customers with eligible smartphones to use the SIM chip directly integrated in their device, Orange Belgium can now streamline its SIM card production and significantly reduce its environmental footprint.

Xavier Pichon, CEO of Orange Belgium, comments: “As a responsible telecom operator, we strongly believe in a relevant usage of technology to address societal challenges. By introducing this new generation of SIM cards, Orange Belgium is at the forefront, worldwide, of the fight towards more sustainable business practices.”

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