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UK businesses say Brexit created data access and management challenges

UK businesses say Brexit created data access and management challenges

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More than half of UK businesses (54%) say Brexit has presented them with data access and management challenges, according to research from MuleSoft, a provider of an integration and API platform. These findings highlight that the challenges of siloed data and skills shortages are being amplified as businesses adapt their operations in response to Brexit.

However, these pains are not just being felt by UK businesses: 40% of German and 39% of French businesses also report that Brexit has made it more difficult for them to access and manage data.

The findings also suggest that businesses may have a hard time navigating future regulatory changes. While there may currently be close regulatory alignment between the UK and EU, businesses’ inability to unlock and act on data quickly may limit their ability to respond to changes in the future.  

“Brexit has laid bare just how underprepared many businesses are for the challenges around data access and management in an increasingly digital economy,” said Justin Wilson, Head of UK&I, MuleSoft. “At a time when businesses need to be more agile than ever, the UK’s departure from the EU has made it harder for them to harness the data they need to do just that.”

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