Jitterbit research reveals new focus for EMEA businesses

Jitterbit research reveals new focus for EMEA businesses

Jitterbit, the API transformation company, has launched its latest report ‘SaaS Partnerships in the Age of Hyperautomation’ – a unique survey of EMEA senior systems integrator professionals.

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve witnessed unprecedented Digital Transformation, where businesses across EMEA accelerated innovation, integrating hundreds and sometimes thousands of software solutions, technologies and platforms to enable a new, more digital world.

Jitterbit’s research reveals we’ve now entered a new era of business transformation: hyperautomation. A Gartner trend for the past two years, hyperautomation refers to the business goal of removing manual processes from internal workflows in order to innovate at hyper-speed and thereby remain competitive.

64% of EMEA systems integrator professionals agreed that hyperautomation is a key business priority for their customers in 2022. What’s more, 76% of senior EMEA systems integrators believe their customers value automation over integration.

“There can be no automation without integration – and there can be no hyperautomation without integration as a service,” said Joost De Bot, Jitterbit’s VP and General Manager, EMEA. “Our survey into system integrators reveals that to thrive in the midst of so much disruption, it’s necessary for them to re-position as enablers of greater process automation while delivering integration at scale to their customers by working with trusted integration platform partners.”

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