Indra revamps Germany’s entire air surveillance network

Indra revamps Germany’s entire air surveillance network

Indra, a leading global technological engineering company for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, has signed a contract with DFS, Germany’s air navigation service provider, to modernise the country’s entire network of air surveillance radars with state-of-the-art technology.

The project, with an execution period of 13 years, has an amount over €100 million, which would be extended depending on the release of the different options envisaged.

The company won out over the other top manufacturers in the market in an open competition, thanks to the best technically rated and most competitive proposal. It has thus won its largest Air Traffic Management (ATM) contract to provide surveillance for a large and technologically advanced country: Germany, which operates many key routes in Europe.

The project will enhance the safety, capacity, efficiency and environmental friendliness of air traffic in the country and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Indra’s technology will replace the systems currently in operation, which are reaching the end of their useful life. More specifically, the company will deploy a minimum of 23 new sensors, 19 of them equipped with a primary PSR radar and a secondary mode S radar and four stations with secondary mode S radars only. They will be used for en-route air traffic surveillance and approaches to Germany’s main airports.

Due to the efficient surveillance network structure the installation of interims sensors and their relocation to their final facilities will be necessary. Therefore, up to 42 installation, implementation, optimisation and cutover activities on site will be indispensable to be carried out.

“We’re very proud that a demanding and top-tier customer such as DFS has once again placed its trust in Indra, in our technology and in the ability of our teams to undertake such an ambitious and complex renovation project, one we’re sure will become a landmark in European and global terms,” said Indra CEO, Ignacio Mataix. “We have a proven track record of collaboration with DFS behind us in the iTEC partnership to make the Single European Sky a reality and this new project will constitute a further step in moving forward together towards safer and more efficient air traffic with a smaller environmental footprint.”

“We look forward to modernising our critical infrastructure of surveillance radar technology, while reducing lifecycle costs and CO2 emissions through reduced power consumption and modernising building sites,” said CEO of DFS, Arndt Schoenemann. “Sustainability is key in every decision we take. With Indra’s technological capabilities we will help to meet our requirements for the complex airspace over Germany in the heart of Europe.”

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