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Iren to automate logistics and optimise inventory with Infor

Iren to automate logistics and optimise inventory with Infor

Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced that Iren, a multi-utility group that operates in the sectors of electricity, gas, district heating, environmental services, integrated water services and renewables, is deploying Infor WMS (Infor Warehouse Management System) to help automate the logistics processes for its business units while optimising inventory.

The project will be carried out by Infor partners Lutech Group and Spindox.

Iren will entrust the technological transformation project to Lutech Group for the Infor WMS deployment and for the design and development of its innovative Pick & Go process; and to Spindox for its Ublique Decision Intelligence platform.

Once live by the end of 2023, Iren expects improvements in inventory accuracy, use of physical spaces, traceability of goods, optimisation of management and reordering policies.

The project started in September 2021 and is part of the group’s ambitious Logistics 5.0 Program, which envisages the transformation of the operating and organisational model that Iren has designed to make its supply chain increasingly efficient to address their business challenges and meet their customers’ expectations.

The value of Infor WMS will be matched by the proven ability of Lutech and Spindox to govern complex, interdisciplinary and innovative initiatives. The core of the supply chain management project is a Lutech solution based on Infor’s WMS technology, which consists of an automated warehouse management system with a global visualisation model and processes with advanced features that include cross docking, multi-sequence storage capabilities, wave management, business process management (BPM) workflow, as well as 3D visual warehouse to automate and streamline all warehousing operations – but also the labour management feature to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Monitoring the real needs of materials and reducing waste of resources are also crucial for optimising decisive interventions and therefore improving customer satisfaction and reducing working capital. These objectives can be achieved thanks to Ublique, Spindox’s decision intelligence platform, which supports the management of decision-making flows in highly complex contexts, thanks to the integration of numerous analytical models and Artificial Intelligence techniques (mathematical optimisation, Machine Learning, dynamic simulation).

Moreover, within the technological infrastructure, is the innovative Pick & Go process for picking up materials by Iren Group operators when warehouse personnel are not present. The process allows for the rapid picking of outgoing materials through an automatic exit or by scanning the QR codes affixed to the shelves.

“Logistics functions have never been so strategic as in this period of very rapid transformation that the global economy is experiencing, also in the multi-utility sector,” said Vito Gurrieri, Procurement, Logistics and Services Director of the Iren Group.

“More volatile and uncertain essentially due to the post-pandemic and the global geopolitical situation, there is an increasing need to adopt digital processes based on data sharing, today more than ever the fulcrum for managing future challenges. Topics such as economic, environmental and social sustainability are increasingly urgent and are driving an evolution of corporate organisations, processes and skills.”

“This logistics digitisation project is the result of the integration of skills and experience gained over time in various fields and markets,” said Emilio Vandelli, Industry Leader for Energy and Utilities at the Lutech Group. “It’s a perfect mix of the Lutech Group’s ability to know how to design and implement cutting-edge solutions and the skills of Spindox, a dynamic system integrator, which, like Lutech, is at the forefront of data intelligence and AI solutions.”

Bruno Pagani, Infor Italy General Manager, said: “Our Infor WMS solution, together with the expertise of the Lutech Group, will allow Iren to optimise warehouse activities and costs, ensuring a high level of customer service. Additionally, the benefits of the AWS-based cloud environment will provide high scalability, security and ease of upgrade, further simplifying Iren’s processes.”

Giulia Gestri, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Spindox, said: “At a time when energy resource issues are central on the international and Italian scene, it is key to have a partner like Lutech, a leader in the energy market and it is significant for us at Spindox that Ublique proves once again a valid ally for companies in this sector such as Iren.”

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