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Data storage trends to watch out for in 2022

Making global data storage predictions in the face of an ongoing, highly dynamic pandemic, might at first glance appear akin to reading tea leaves. We asked a number of experts to identify the biggest drivers in the 2022 data storage market, and trends related to six technologies have emerged: cybersecurity; data sovereignty; Artificial Intelligence; cloud; […]

Data centre industry won’t return to normal, according to Eaton expert

Ciaran Forde, Data Centre Segment Leader (EMEA), Eaton, discusses the role of data centres in a world of power transformation and the market opportunity for alignment of data and power in 2022. Ford believes that sector coupling could become one of this year’s major areas of focus for the industry. For data and the data […]

Businesses’ need for more choice and control will define 2022

Thanks to the pandemic, business leaders now have more of an understanding of what’s required of them to drive their organisations forward. Jonathan Bridges, Chief Innovation Officer, Exponential-e, discusses how organisations can take back control of factors such as their green footprint, multi-cloud environments and flexibility this new year. The past two years didn’t pan […]

Top tech trends to watch in 2022, according to experts

Business operations have been quite unpredictable for the last couple of years, making it challenging to predict what might happen next and how the IT industry will be affected by certain developments. Experts from Citrix, LogicMonitor, Confluent, OpenText, Zuora, Denodo, McAfee Enterprise, NTT, Delphix, CyberRes and Endava take a look at some of the trends […]

The changing role of the CISO and what’s required

Andrew Jenkins, Principal in the CIO & Technology Officers Practice at Odgers Berndtson, reflects on some of the key developments for CISOs in 2021 and explores how the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is changing alongside Digital Transformation demands. In 2020, CISOs were among the first C-level executives to scramble early and […]

The key to managing and securing multicloud infrastructures

The cloud in all forms can be used as a valuable tool for modern businesses and is now widely adopted among the majority. Ronan David, VP Business Development and Marketing at EfficientIP, explores the true value of multicloud and how businesses should best manage and secure it to reap its benefits. When it comes to […]

How ransomware is destabilising cyber insurance – and what to do about it

With the rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) techniques, double extortion attacks and the low cost of ransomware kits, unsustainable loss ratios have convulsed the insurance market. Thom Langford, Global Security Advocate at SentinelOne, discusses why in order for businesses to protect themselves from ransomware, they need to stop choosing between investing in a better security stack […]

Moving to the cloud and the dangers of standing still

The move to the cloud can be effortless with a pragmatic and informed approach. Martin Davies, Principal Consultant, Sungard Availability Services, addresses those still cautious of making the move to the cloud and discusses why it is an essential one to avoid being left behind on the road to Digital Transformation. You can’t get to […]

Making informed, data-driven decisions at pace with Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is one of the most effective tools companies can use to truly understand and oversee their enterprise’s infrastructure, according to Michael D’Onofrio, CEO, Orbus Software. We hear how enterprises can use Enterprise Architecture to gain a better understanding of their organisation and infrastructure. Long gone are the days of gut feelings and […]

Data centre growth and investment in UK PLC

The UK is by far the largest data centre colocation market in Europe, a long way ahead of Germany, which is in itself way ahead of France and the Netherlands – but can we expect this to continue? Is the UK data centre sector still a force to be reckoned with and is the top […]

What UK/US cyberthreat cooperation means for global cybersecurity

To tackle today’s sophisticated cyberthreats, organisations must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity – an essential aspect of a rounded and effective strategy. Danny Lopez, CEO at Glasswall, discusses what this means and explores how the UK/US cybersecurity partnership is a testament to the strength of the transatlantic security and intelligence alliance. Meeting at the […]

Trends expected to develop in the cybersecurity space in 2022

2021 has been a year of widespread uncertainty across the globe, especially for those in the cybersecurity space as cybercriminals ramped up their attack methods, particularly targeting the healthcare sector. CISOs, among many others, are hoping that 2022 will bring a year of certainty and growth and are predicting what the next 12 months will […]

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