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Survey shows continued plan for Digital Transformation investments in 2023

CXOs balance the need for new investments in digital technologies to drive innovation and interoperability while addressing challenges with macroeconomics, IT resourcing and cost inflation. Sebastian Grady, President of Strategic Initiatives, Rimini Street, discusses how scarcity of budget, IT skills and labour affect a company’s Digital Transformation roadmap and the biggest challenge for CIOs. Rimini […]

The security risks of ChatGPT: How businesses can safeguard their data

Though there are many benefits of the new phenomenon that is ChatGPT, it has also caused everyone’s exposure to cybercrime to significantly increase. Florian Malecki, Executive Vice President Marketing, Arcserve, explores the urgent security questions ChatGPT poses and why organisations should invest in solid cybersecurity measures. ChatGPT, developed by the Artificial Intelligence lab, OpenAI, is a […]

The key steps for CIOs to elevate DevSecOps practices

Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP Product Development, Progress, looks deeper into whether CIOs can succeed in overcoming the barriers to making DevSecOps a reality and offers key steps that can help CIOs embed security processes to elevate their DevSecOps practices.  As Digital Transformation continues to gather pace, CIOs are looking for new ways to empower their teams […]

How to be a C-suite mum: Why strong networks are key to leadership success

Sameena Hassam, CEO, Capacitas, tells of her journey in tech and asks how we can provide a platform for women to embrace leadership and unlock the power of the female C-suite professional.  In the ever-changing world of enterprise IT, gender equality is more than a social issue. It can also be a critical business enabler, […]

How the healthcare sector can mitigate cloud security threats 

Cyberattacks among UK healthcare facilities are only increasing, with many systems being outdated and lacking proper security. Here, Dirk Schrader, VP of Security Research at Netwrix, speaks to us about how organisations in this space can utilise the cloud, protecting themselves against criminals.   Cyberattacks against the UK’s public infrastructure are an ongoing problem, with healthcare […]

Getting women and girls into tech this International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day this year, we caught up with female talent in various roles across STEM industries – from aerospace to cybersecurity to telecoms – to hear their advice for women and girls looking to land a role in tech, as well as advice for businesses on how they can support them in doing […]

International Women’s Day 2023 focuses on embracing equity and digital technology for all

According to (ISC)2’s Cybersecurity Workforce report, women working in cybersecurity currently account for about one-quarter (24%) of the overall workforce – a rise of 13% since the last report in 2017. While International Women’s Day (IWD) follows the theme of embracing equity through collective action in 2023, the United Nations Observance of International Women’s Day is highlighting the improvement […]

Knight Frank continues to invest in thriving data centre market

Stephen Beard, Global Head of Data Centres, Knight Frank, discusses how real estate and data centres marry up, data centre growth in the UK market compared to the global picture and why Manchester should be a top priority for data centre investment. What does your role entail and can you give an overview of what a […]

Field service companies reveal their challenges and bright spots in IFS research

Global research has found that technology superiority is the most significant competitive differentiator in field service and emphasises the importance of companies investing in the right digital technology to continue disrupting the markets. IFS, a global cloud enterprise software company, has announced its global research study results, which uncovers field service companies’ biggest challenges and […]

Business strategies for achieving sustainability goals beyond the cloud

Guy Long, Senior Cloud Advisor at Cloudreach, discusses the importance of partnering with organisations that prioritise sustainability and who put forward innovative solutions to help drive sustainable change.  Businesses in 2023 are becoming more sustainable and managing their decarbonisation efforts to reach net zero, beyond shifting workloads and data to the cloud.  Technology is playing […]

Cybersecurity roadmap: Threats proliferate but best practice still works

Zeki Turedi, CTO EMEA, CrowdStrike, discusses the cybersecurity landscape in the months to come and why the way forward depends on your choice of partner, not technology. It’s safe to say that last year was unrelenting on the cybersecurity front and adversaries are only becoming more sophisticated and adopting more advanced techniques and technologies to […]

Automate universities first… digitally transform them later

Alistair Sergeant, Founder and CEO of Equantiis, tells us how automation plays a key role in offering university students the most seamless educational experience and why it is an important first step in universities’ journey to introducing technologies throughout every facet of their organisation for efficient operations. The UK’s universities have long been a source […]

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