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Managing the full view of the data centre

Martin Hodgson, Country Manager, UK & Ireland at Paessler AG, discusses how data centre leaders can ensure operations run more smoothly by using management tools which enable improved visibility across the business. Businesses need to have a single view of how their data centre is performing, however, this can often be a challenge as several […]

Bridging the existing and emerging to enable Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives have accelerated this year due to the impact of the pandemic. Que Magnus, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus, and Gur Nedivi, Sales Director, Micro Focus Israel, tell us how organisations across the CEE region are leveraging digital tools to help them balance the two conflicting objectives of ‘run’ and ‘transform’. Which […]

Europe’s tech leaders share their Digital Transformation secrets

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the difference in flexibility and resilience between those companies that are digitally capable and those that are not. Michael Chalmers, MD EMEA at Contino, who produced the company’s recent report alongside TLA, says that in 2021, many expect Digital Transformation to accelerate as the ability to pivot and […]

An Edge Computing breakup: Out with the old and in with the new

With more and more people working from home as a result of the pandemic, business leaders have been faced with Edge complexities as the scale of Edge Computing use has increased. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, and Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam, discuss how Edge Computing will […]

Six simple yet effective ways to optimise data centre energy efficiency

Operating sustainably is at the top of the agenda for data centre leaders as they aim to become climate-neutral by 2030. James Giblette, Director of Digital Infrastructure – UK & Ireland at Legrand Data Center Solutions, discusses the ways organisations can reduce energy wastage in the data centre and meet sustainability initiatives. In the current […]

Experts discuss whether passwords are still fit for purpose

Cybersecurity professionals discuss how far we can rely on the use of passwords to secure our most valuable information, and how organisations should be securely operating until we can develop a more reliable method to replace passwords. The concept of a password has existed for millennia and while the idea of them has remained the […]

How to keep up in today’s highly competitive digital retail ecosystem

The pandemic has forced retailers to become more innovative and adapt their services to maintain customer interest. Matthew O’Neill, Industry Managing Director at VMware, tells us why retailers need to incorporate digital thinking into the core of their business in order to avoid leaving them exposed and left behind. Despite non-essential shops reopening in England […]

CIOs are responsible for promoting innovations that support their remote workforce

As the world becomes more hybrid and people adapt to working remotely, CIOs must be aware of how to mitigate the expanding threat landscape that has intensified as a result. Jonathan Bridges, Chief Innovation Officer at Exponential-e, says CIOs must explore technologies which ensure employees are not being held back at home by the likes of poor connectivity […]

A closer look at the impact of cloud video surveillance: What does it mean for CIOs?

We take a look at the impact of cloud video surveillance on today’s businesses as more organisations are using cloud technology for business development. Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director EMEA, Eagle Eye Networks, considers what the growing adoption of cloud video surveillance means for CIOs and some of the major advantages of utilising the technology for […]

The basics of backup: How to avoid disaster

As the amount of data in existence surges, business leaders must ensure they have the correct processes in place to manage it and avoid data loss. A number of industry experts offer their best practice advice on the methods used to prevent data loss and how to make the most of backup strategies. During the […]

Protecting data centres from Nordic humidity levels

Nick Osborne, Data Centre Manager – Northern Europe at Aggreko, tells us why humidity could cause potential issues for operators looking to build data centres in the Nordic region, and offers some solutions to controlling the humidity levels in a data centre. Combatting warm weather is not a challenge synonymous with the Nordics. Usually known […]

Expert discusses addressing the talent shortfall in technology

There is a strong focus on cyberskills within the technology industry, as employers are constantly seeking ways to attract and retain new talent as skills gaps widen. Anthony Webb, Vice-President EMEA, A10 Networks, says building and nurturing talent is a vital part of creating a resilient industry and all organisations should look to make this […]

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