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Digital Transformation falling onto back burner due to widening ‘hesitancy gap’

Global Data Centers, a division of NTT Ltd., has released a new report revealing that Digital Transformation projects are stalling due to a ‘hesitancy gap’, as enterprises struggle to navigate the risks and complexity associated with turning innovation from concept to reality. The report, Mind the Hesitancy Gap: There’s No Time to Waste in High […]

From cradle to cradle – Creating a Circular Economy for the data centre industry

Digital innovation has meant business approaches and capabilities have needed to adapt to transform, and the data centre industry has been an enabler for rapid growth. Deborah Andrews, London South Bank University, discusses how data centre leaders can ensure they contribute towards a Circular Economy in today’s transforming technology sphere. The Internet and World Wide […]

Incident response course prepares attendees for cybersecurity readiness

Incident response is a strategic approach to handling security incidents and preparing for cyberthreats; a key element to operating with a robust cybersecurity posture. Amar Singh, Founder and CEO of Cyber Management Alliance, discusses the company’s incident response course in depth and explains the importance of having a strong incident response plan embedded into a […]

The data centre industry and me – Choosing a career in data centres

The DCA’s role is to work with the data centre sector, supporting key areas of concern for the industry. New talent entering the industry is consistently raised by the DCA community. In this piece, we hear from Beth Whitehead, Associate Sustainability Engineer at Operational Intelligence, about her journey into the industry. My route into the […]

HCI for VDI: A new way to power the distributed workforce

As workforces are transitioning to more remote working, employers must find solutions which ensure ease and efficiency. Johan Pellicaan, VP and Managing Director EMEA at Scale Computing, discusses how HCI and Edge transform virtual desktop infrastructure and how this contributes to delivering simple scalability and operational efficiency for today’s remote workers. The events surrounding the […]

CNet Training offers leading program for aspiring data centre professionals

Online learning is becoming more accessible and thus, more popular in today’s digital age. Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNet Training, discusses the technical education provider’s leading Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) program, and what learners can expect to gain. Ensuring zero downtime within the mission critical data centre environment involves employing highly […]

Robust IT gets manufacturers through times of crisis

A robust IT environment is highly important in the manufacturing industry in order to lay the foundations for innovation. Theo van Andel, Senior Manager Field Development Segment Marketing at Equinix EMEA, discusses how to respond quickly to changing production conditions and to innovative demands. For manufacturing industry leaders, times of crisis can be like a […]

The Netherlands is leading the digital pack – But can it stay there

There’s no doubt that the Netherlands is one of Europe’s trailblazers when it comes to Digital Transformation. Michiel Eielts, Managing Director Benelux, Equinix, tells us how the Netherlands is rapidly developing into a breeding ground for digital innovation and new business models of the future, albeit with some hurdles along the way. In the Netherlands, […]

How can business leaders close the cyberskills gap while COVID-19 drives workforce cuts?

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has sent shockwaves across the globe and has not only affected individuals personally, but businesses have experienced changes to the way they operate, as well as a shortage of staff due to workforce cuts. The skills shortage was a prominent issue in the cyber sphere even before the pandemic. Industry […]

What is a cloud data warehouse and why is it important?

The benefits of cloud technology are indisputable and we are rapidly witnessing the advantages it can offer to businesses. Rob Mellor, VP and GM EMEA, WhereScape, discusses five positives to utilising a cloud data warehouse in today’s digital landscape. We are seeing business expectations for on-demand data explode, with many data warehousing teams beginning to […]

Putting technology at the heart of customer experience in hospitality

The hospitality industry needs to embrace new technology to improve the guest experience. Rohit Gupta, VP Europe – Products and Resources at Cognizant, explains how the UK hospitality industry should embrace digital processes. The guest experience has always been at the heart of the hospitality industry. As new technology becomes available, we are already seeing […]

Top use cases for remote data centre management with DCIM software

Data centre managers are under more pressure than ever and need tools to provide complete visibility across the whole facility. Herman Chan, President at Sunbird Software, tells us why infrastructure teams should consider DCIM software to help them achieve their core objectives of improving uptime, utilisation and productivity.  The COVID-19 pandemic has driven all interaction with the outside world online, causing a […]

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