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Dragos expert on why the energy sector must take a proactive approach to cyberdefence

The energy sector has undergone immense digitalisation in recent years as organisations have adopted digital tools to help achieve their transition towards net zero. But this has also introduced new risks and threats which need to be addressed to stay ahead of sophisticated attackers. Phil Tonkin, Senior Director of Strategy at Dragos, talks us through […]

The five functionalities that are crucial for your contact centre of the future

Contact centres are witnessing an overload of customer interactions and attempting to adopt numerous methods to enhance efficiency and boost productivity. However, it can be challenging to understand which elements need to be prioritised to establish efficient future contact centres. Mathias Holzinger, Product Manager at TeamViewer, provides a guide to help understand the elements better. […]

The new CIO – Opening the door to on-demand talent

The CIO role is evolving and the pressure is on for them to play a heightened part in their organisation’s strategic direction. Sam Rowlands, Community Director and Co-founder, Distributed, discusses how the post-pandemic period has required the CIO to diversify even further and why achieving innovation now increasingly means the efficient management and provision of […]

How automation and AI enable companies to meet sustainability objectives

Margareta Mucibabici, Director – Public Affairs and Social Impact, UiPath, discusses how automation and AI can help support sustainability goals and ensure the journey to a more sustainable future is smooth and efficient. During the last decade, sustainability has risen to the very top of the corporate agenda, driving change in how businesses operate in […]

The potential of AI – are we at a time where creativity should be passed to machines?

Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of Data and AI at O’Reilly, discusses the true potential of AI and why, despite being a long way off from reaching the capabilities of truly autonomous AI, enterprises must keep investing to continue along the path to success. It is fair to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Newspapers […]

How are data centre providers offering a solution to the widening skills gap?

Kao Data, the specialist developer and operator of high-performance data centres for enterprise, cloud, HPC and AI, has launched the Kao Academy – an industry-first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) resource, designed to engage primary and early secondary school-aged children with the purpose and role of a data centre. Created in collaboration with Cambridge […]

Combatting grid strain with decentralised energy solutions

With demand for data in Europe on the rise, data centre operators are under increased pressure to ensure that the continent’s digital appetite continues to be met. However, with these facilities now consuming more energy than ever before, many nations are beginning to place restrictions on data centre connections in order to ward against grid […]

Are we witnessing an Edge explosion?

Edge Computing is a transformational reality and will be responsible for shaping technology operations well into the future. Andy Connor, EMEA Channel Director, Subzero Engineering, outlines the ‘Edge explosion’ and examines the crucial role of the modular, micro data centre in delivering Digital Transformation. The idea of delivering IT resources close to the point of […]

How much is enough? How to build a targeted and sustainable cybersecurity budget

Ensuring cybersecurity investments align with the business’ goals is a key element of success, however, managing the two simultaneously can be extremely challenging. Kev Eley, Vice President Sales, Europe at LogRhythm, explores what the right amount of cybersecurity is in order to mitigate priority risks and offers his best practice advice for achieving a targeted […]

Why incident response and insurance must learn to be bedfellows

Dominic Trott, UK Product Manager, Orange Cyberdefense, tells us why maintaining a good understanding of your security posture is paramount, as well as the factors which contribute to a defence-in-depth approach to cybersecurity – an approach he refers to as one that offers ‘the most effective protection against cyberattacks’. The history books will no doubt […]

Counting the cost of the biggest BEC attacks

Robust email protection is a necessity for protecting against one of the industry’s most sophisticated attack types; Business Email Compromise (BEC). Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, Proofpoint, offers some top tips to avoid falling victim to these types of attacks and highlights the importance of adding an extra layer of protection to your business to ensure […]

Why CIOs need to prioritise data integration

Zahi Yaari, VP of EMEA at SnapLogic, discusses the importance and benefits of data integration and why the possibility of fragmented data requires CIOs to ensure that all departments are aligned and the data integration process is followed carefully. One of the ironies of Big Data is that it has made is more difficult to […]

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