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Manufacturing eCommerce needs a revolution

John Bruno, VP of Product Management, Elastic Path, explains how better digital experiences will drive sales growth and long-term customer loyalty in the manufacturing industry. The more tech-savvy manufacturers can be in today’s demanding digital environment, the more scope for success. The gravity of digital innovation in manufacturing today is genuine; for many brands, it’s […]

Reclaiming the cloud: How CISOs can ensure security in cloud initiatives

Cloud services now play a central role in the digital operation of modern enterprises. But security teams are often being left out in the cold, increasing the level of risk an organisation is facing. Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder, Skybox Security, tells us how CISOs can be part of the conversation on securely adopting cloud […]

How does technology contribute to efficiency in the workplace and create a positive working environment?

According to new research, Citrix has revealed that outdated workplace technology is limiting UK employment opportunities for disabled staff in particular. Almost eight in 10 (77%) disabled knowledge workers – someone who typically works in an office environment or has knowledge-based skills which are involved in his/her everyday role – believe outdated technology in the […]

Why an adaptive and collaborative workforce is essential in the digital era

In the modern era, enterprises are tasked with building and maintaining a culturally diverse and agile workforce. Anand Birje, Corporate Vice President and Head of Digital & Analytics, HCL Technologies, suggests five steps for business leaders to support a culture of continuous learning and allow for a workforce that is prepared for transformations in technology. […]

Measuring and overcoming disruption

Steve Blow, Technology Evangelist at Zerto, discusses the CIO’s strategy and the angles a CIO should consider to avoid losing top-talent employees. Ensuring that all technology throughout an organisation is working properly – no matter which team uses it – is ultimately the job of the CIO. This means both setting the strategy for technology […]

Artificial Intelligence driving the ‘next generation’ of jobs in the UK

The uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by industry will drastically change the UK job market in the coming years – with 133 million new jobs expected to be created globally. In the UK alone, up to a third of jobs will be automated or likely to change as a result of the emergence of AI […]

Culture is key to our AI-powered future

Sascha Giese, Head Geek, SolarWinds, discusses how organisations that fully understand the benefits of using AI and ML will be in a much better position to take advantage of its potential. The technology industry exists in a permanent state of innovation, frequently propelled by predictions of profound change. Two of the hottest tech topics of the […]

Pulse Secure expert on getting past the tool glut of the modern enterprise

Research has revealed that the average organisation uses multiple tools to handle VPNS, MFA, NAC, NGFW, MDM and more. But do we really need of all them? Scott Gordon, (CISSP) CMO, Pulse Secure, explores how the ‘tool sprawl’ is fast becoming a problem for companies and how in this case, more security tools does not […]

The new imperative for CIOs: Walking the innovation-trust tightrope

Mark Mamone, Group CIO, GBG, a £1 billion UK tech scale-up that provides identity technologies to brands like HSBC, Nike, Waitrose and Transferwise, has delivered some of Europe’s largest technology implementations for the likes of UK government, Royal Mail, BAE Systems, TfL and major financial institutions. Mamone was previously Regional CIO and Group CTO at […]

From the dot-com bubble to today’s yo-yoing workforce – how to shrink the technology skills gap

Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA at Ciena, discusses the need for an agile, skilled and prepared workforce in today’s digital age. He talks about the importance of attraction and retainment of millennial employees and the need to ensure staff feel valued with room for progressional growth within the business. The mention […]

A smarter approach to Smart Cities

Roland Hechwartner, Technical Plenary Chair of oneM2M, discusses the benefits of using oneM2M technology to build the city of tomorrow. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain traction across a number of cities in Europe, the range of potential services and solutions available is vast – from waste management to complex services such […]

How CIOs can build stronger, more valuable relationships with CFOs

Chris Pope, VP of Innovation at ServiceNow, discusses the importance of building and maintaining strong CIO-CFO relationships. He tells us how the strength of the relationship can determine the success of a business and its Digital Transformation journey. When it comes to maximising the business benefits of IT, the most successful projects always share key […]

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