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Expert discusses how to fuel AI and ML with data

Bob Eve, Senior Director, Data Intelligence Evangelist, TIBCO Software, delves deeper into how your AI and ML algorithms are only as good as the data that fuels them. As we enter the Exabyte era, the fact that the business world is awash with data, is accepted from the board room to the shop floor. The […]

How mobile-first technology is putting the care back into healthcare

Leigh Moody, UK Managing Director at SOTI, discusses the need for a mobile-first approach to better manage patient care and operations within the healthcare system. It’s been well documented that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is struggling. The strain it’s being put under by an ageing and increasing population, and the ever-tightening purse strings […]

Kubernetes takes centre stage in 2019: Why should CIOs care?

Joe Baguley, VP & CTO EMEA, VMware, looks at the rise of Kubernetes. Make no mistake that the businesses that survive and thrive today will be those that continuously experiment. Think Jeff Bezos advocating the need for ‘high-quality, high velocity decisions’ – speed matters in business, and new ideas, new products and new strategies require […]

How culture can enable firms to be successful in adopting a data-driven approach

Business analytics approaches can drive successful business performance which is something enterprises are constantly striving to achieve. Rich Pugh, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Mango Solutions, discusses the importance of thriving with data science and how it can bring about success for enterprises in today’s tech industry. Data is like the new oil. This analogy […]

Why every organisation should truly ‘own’ their data centre to gain competitive advantage

Change as a result of Digital Transformation is inevitable in the current digital era and companies should be scaling their network infrastructure correctly and utilising the most appropriate data centre solutions. JR Rivers, Co-founder and CTO, Cumulus Networks, talks about the importance of a modernised approach to IT and improving operational efficiency. Digital Transformation means […]

Going those extra lengths to protect consumer data

With the amount of data dominating the current tech landscape, CIOs and business leaders must prioritise how they manage consumer data to avoid the repercussions. A number of experts give their views on how companies should be approaching it correctly.  Morey Haber, CTO, BeyondTrust: Organisations are struggling to protect consumer data in two primary ways; […]

Going back to school to protect UK businesses from cybercriminals

As technology develops, cyber incidents are inevitably becoming more and more common so it is crucial to promote the cybersecurity industry as lucrative and rewarding. According to James Lyne, Head of Research and Development, SANS Institute, schools should be going the extra mile to immerse and educate pupils in the world of cyber. The UK […]

Why sovereign public cloud is a game changer for the UK public sector and its citizens

Chris Huggett, Senior Vice President, EMEA and India at Sungard AS, tells us how public cloud is creating new opportunities for digitisation due to the amount of data the public sector holds within the UK. The effects could be extremely positive on society if the data is exercised to its full potential. Spending £100 million […]

The secret to reducing cloud costs – cryptography

Lori MacVittie, Principal Threat Evangelist at F5 Networks, discusses how businesses should be designing their cloud-based architecture to reduce costly processes. Cloud computing can certainly be a cost-effective strategy for many businesses, but it definitely isn’t free. Most of today’s apps are delivered via secure HTTP. That means TLS or the increasingly frowned upon SSL. […]

A CTO’s opinion: Five key steps for shifting security left

Paul Farrington, EMEA CTO, Veracode, discusses the practical steps organisations can take to make sure their development and security teams are working better together to implement a successful ‘shift left’ process. Shifting security ‘left’ is about more than simply changing the timing of testing. When security shifts to earlier phases of the development lifecycle, it […]

How real-time data technology drives AI in financial services

Roshan Kumar, Senior Product Manager, Redis Labs, discusses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions which are having an impact on the financial sector, helping it to propel innovation.  About 50 years ago, Barclays opened its first automatic teller machine (ATM) and changed the way we did banking. To this day, the ATM has been one […]

The ‘CIO cycle’ is endangering Digital Transformation, says expert

CIOs must adapt their approach to business operations in order to drive change within their organisation. Darren Fields, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Citrix, discusses a CIO’s responsibilities as Digital Transformation evolves, and offers his best practice advice as their role becomes increasingly critical. Not so many years ago, IT’s role was primarily to supply […]

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