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IOActive warns weaponisation of drones could put public safety at risk

The global market for drones is expected to grow 36% a year between 2018 and 2022, according to analysts. But cybersecurity expert IOActive has warned this increase will create a range of new risks. IOActive cautions that if the commercial market for drones is left unchecked then we could start to see drones being weaponised, […]

SecureAuth expert on defending against the rise in BEC attacks

Karl Barton, Senior Director, International Channels and Alliances at SecureAuth, discusses why Business Email Compromise attacks continue to be prevalent and how elements such as pre-authentication access controls and MFA DDoS prevention allows the automation of responses and remediation activities. Malicious emails are among the primary weapons of choice for cyberattackers, with phishing and business […]

Driving Digital Transformation within financial services

With the pace at which the financial services industry is transforming, how can you match this momentum and drive ahead of the competition? Fujitsu say that you can do it by integrating multi-cloud into your existing tech infrastructure and using new-found flexibility and speed to counter the pressure from market disruptors.

The make-or-break challenges CIOs need to address

The vision of highly efficient, connected and safe factories is a reality in manufacturing, but how do CIOs overcome the challenges and seize opportunities in Industry 4.0? This video from Cisco aims to explain this.

One year on, what has been the impact of GDPR on data security

It is debatable that GDPR is a topic which has quickly been forgotten about. Expert Thorsten Kurpjuhn, European Market Development Manager at Zyxel, reminds readers of the necessity of being GDPR-compliant and avoiding hefty fines. We are one year after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it feels like silence has […]

Blockchain helps assure consumers their food is ethically sourced

Opinion piece by Craig Nel, Mobile & Cognitive Experience (MCX) Leader at Oracle Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Ensuring ethical sourcing is a major focus area for many companies as they start to understand just how important it is to their buyers. Increasingly, brands are understanding they must show they’re thinking about the wider impact […]

ERP evolution: The best tips and tricks for C-suite executives

Members of the C-suite must ensure they adopt a modern approach to business operations to allow them to remain competitive. This can be accomplished by using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and Phil Baker, Chief Technology Officer NoBlue, is here to tell us more.   As digitalisation increases and new disruptive technologies emerge, expectations from consumers […]

How AI can help anticipate users’ needs and wishes in real time

Stephen Spellicy, VP of Marketing and Products at Thales, talks about how AI can help anticipate users’ needs and wishes in real time.

Hot topics in AI infrastructure

AI doesn’t have to be scary. NVIDIA’s Tony Paikeday and Pure Storage’s Colin Gallagher talk about what it takes to get started with Artificial Intelligence.

Expert discusses how to fuel AI and ML with data

Bob Eve, Senior Director, Data Intelligence Evangelist, TIBCO Software, delves deeper into how your AI and ML algorithms are only as good as the data that fuels them. As we enter the Exabyte era, the fact that the business world is awash with data, is accepted from the board room to the shop floor. The […]

How mobile-first technology is putting the care back into healthcare

Leigh Moody, UK Managing Director at SOTI, discusses the need for a mobile-first approach to better manage patient care and operations within the healthcare system. It’s been well documented that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is struggling. The strain it’s being put under by an ageing and increasing population, and the ever-tightening purse strings […]

Kubernetes takes centre stage in 2019: Why should CIOs care?

Joe Baguley, VP & CTO EMEA, VMware, looks at the rise of Kubernetes. Make no mistake that the businesses that survive and thrive today will be those that continuously experiment. Think Jeff Bezos advocating the need for ‘high-quality, high velocity decisions’ – speed matters in business, and new ideas, new products and new strategies require […]

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