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DCA spotlight: Data centre certification – good, bad or ugly?

Due to the confusing landscape of data centre certifications globally, the Data Centre Alliance has, since 2015, provided an independent certification based upon the EN50600 series, the EUCOC and recognised best practices. John Booth, Chairman of the Data Centre Alliance – Energy Efficiency steering committee, explains the status of data centre certification. What is certification? […]

How can vendors and end-users get the best out of their partnerships?

One of the challenges that modern CISOs face is knowing where to channel investment. And given that are many vendors, often offering similar services, choosing a provider or product can be difficult. A good vendor-end-user relationship based on trust and long-term partnerships is crucial. We asked three industry experts how vendors and end-users can get […]

Digital Logistics solution demonstration

Combining industrial Internet of Things and big data analytics, Digital Logistics increases the safety of cargo, offering real-time visibility of the location and condition of vehicles as well as the goods they transport. Find out more via this video provided by Oracle.

Insecure and ineffective: Don’t let your legacy network stifle Digital Transformation

Hubert da Costa, SVP and GM EMEA, Cybera, says modern technology solutions are the answer to preventing a legacy infrastructure from delaying business development. As distributed enterprises all over the world journey towards Digital Transformation, they’re increasingly migrating workloads to the cloud. Unfortunately, their legacy network architectures built in the pre-cloud era haven’t kept pace […]

Five simple ways to get your C-suite on board with data

James Eiloart, Senior Vice President of EMEA, Tableau Software, talks about the important factors to consider when it comes to developing a sustainable and scalable data culture. Some think the phrase ‘data is the new oil’ is already over hyped and overused. But if it has shot so quickly to overuse then it’s probably something worthy […]

Automation everywhere: The key to reimagining IT and the role of the CIO

CIOs are constantly tasked with ensuring the organisation stays relevant in a world which is rapidly innovating. Vijay Kurkal, COO, Resolve, discusses the key to unlocking the true power of automation and success from the role of the CIO. The world is undergoing profound change and technology sits at its beating heart. Digital Transformation offers […]

Scale Computing expert on VDI and Edge Computing as the IT dream team

Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO at Scale Computing, discusses why Edge Computing and VDI have emerged as a perfect pairing, and what this could mean for businesses. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has peaked and troughed in popularity since it came into existence in 2006. But it is a technology reaching new heights of growth […]

Industry expert reveals the secret to customer success in the cloud

Business transformation is crucial to survival in modern industry as new technologies revolutionise the way we operate. Lee James, CTO EMEA at Rackspace, discusses how the company is helping its customers accelerate their value to the cloud and ensure they have the right support in place for their transformation journey – critical to cloud success. […]

Industry expert on building the foundations to support every cybersecurity strategy

The Minimum Cyber Security Standard defines the minimum security measures organisations and agencies must implement. But while awareness of this standard is high (98%), organisations have not seen the dip in cyberattacks that you would expect, as more had experienced over 1,000 attacks in 2018 than in 2017, according to the findings of an FOI […]

The team behind the technology: How SysAdmins keep us all on track

In today’s digital age, businesses rely on their technology every day, so when something goes down it can cause a major headache. But, in every business there are those employees who work in the background, ensuring that every device and system stays up and running as much as possible, solving problems quickly if anything does […]

BeyondTrust CISO on conversation marketing security pitfalls and best practices

Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of chatbots in providing a positive customer experience. But it is important that security remains top of mind when deploying such tools. Here, Morey Haber, CTO and CISO, BeyondTrust, explores some fundamental security considerations for organisations looking to deploy chatbots and conversation marketing. According to Gartner’s recent ‘AI and […]

Building a foundation for energy efficiency and sustainable development

Maurizio Canton, CTO EMEA at TIBCO Software, takes a look at the role data analytics can play in increasing energy efficiency and sustainable development.  It’s little surprise that the term ‘throwaway society’ has become such a regular soundbite. From the fruit that gets discarded if it doesn’t conform to the perfect aesthetic, to fast fashion […]

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