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Protect our data centre powerhouses by mastering data centre monitoring

Meeting the data centre challenges of today can be a struggle as an increase in data requires ever expanding capacity. Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec UK, discusses the ways we can master energy monitoring and consumption to ultimately protect data centres and enhance their reliability. The safeguarding of our data centres is more critical than […]

Matrix42 on why UEBA offers a smart approach to enhanced IT security

To prevent cyberattacks, companies often rely on ‘whitelist’ and ‘blacklist’ methods. While this method has its benefits and can adequately protect systems, the price is high. This list management can be clunky and time-consuming for the IT department and has limited operational benefits. An intelligent approach which bolsters security while enabling operational efficiencies is required […]

The innovation revolution: Aligning IT applications with customer experience

Digital Transformation means technology services are more readily available and as a result, consumers expect those services to meet their expectations and enhance their experience. Gopalakrishnan Krishnamurthi, Global Leader for ADMnext at Capgemini, discusses how businesses can bridge the gap between these shifting expectations and IT reality. The rapid evolution of mobile capabilities and Internet […]

The real cost of fighting the insider threat

Detecting an insider threat can prove one of the biggest challenges within the cybersecurity realm. Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategy, International at Proofpoint, explores the impact of an insider threat across an organisation and how to avoid being left with a hefty bill. Insider threats are on the rise: up 47% year-on-year, in fact. And organisations […]

Five steps to successful and confident cloud migration, even in a pandemic

Due to the current circumstances, businesses are being forced to migrate workloads to the cloud. Geoff Barlow, Cloud Architect at Node4, offers several ways a company can build confidence in their cloud migration project. Recent events have caused a huge upheaval for many businesses as they face the need to maintain business operations amidst the […]

How can businesses bolster cyberdefences in light of Coronavirus?

As the shift to 100% remote working during the COVID-19 crisis increases the likelihood of a cyber breach, experts reveal how businesses can improve their cyber defences to prepare and protect. Amit Serper, Vice President of Security Strategy and Principal Researcher at Cybereason: “In every corner of the world, COVID-19 has had an impact. During […]

Security in a multi-cloud environment

Paul Nicholson, Director of Product Marketing, A10 Networks, discusses why businesses are initially implementing multi-cloud environments, not to mention how they can accidentally find themselves in a complex multi-cloud set up if Digital Transformation happens on an ad-hoc basis. Nicholson highlights the importance of including security into a multi-cloud strategy, with so many factors potentially […]

Avoiding an existential crisis, CIOs need to reinvent themselves

As the CIO role transforms, CIOs have no option but to adapt within their role and conform to their new-found requirements. Erich Gerber, SVP EMEA & APJ at TIBCO, identifies some of the traits needed by this decade’s information chiefs. The CIO role has transformed massively over the years and now it’s set to do […]

Why CIOs and CFOs should be the ‘Druckers’ of their organisations

Organisations are faced with many challenges in the digital age. Gary O’Brien, Principal Consultant and Organisational Designer, ThoughtWorks, explains how they need to evolve how they plan to be able to adopt new and emerging technologies. Peter Drucker’s key ideas and predictions have largely stood the test of time and formed the foundation for how […]

How to manage network risk using fluid security

With organisations utilising new technologies in the age of Digital Transformation, it is vital that the security surrounding innovation is up to standard. Amrit Williams, Vice President of Products at Skybox Security, tells us why fluid security practices are so important in developing a successful security programme and thus relieving pressure for CISOs. As organisations […]

Goodbye, on-premises infrastructure – hello, private cloud

Cloud offers many benefits in an age where data dominates. Jon Lucas, Co-Director at Hyve Managed Hosting, investigates the underlying challenges for on-premises infrastructure users and how private cloud can bypass these by offering a superior solution. We are currently seeing a movement away from on-premises infrastructure, which has no doubt been propelled by the […]

Experts discuss how enterprises can better manage their data to prevent fraud

RSA Security has announced its Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce capability which improves fraud protection and user experience. RSA Security, a global cybersecurity leader delivering business-driven security solutions to help organisations manage digital risk, has announced the general availability of RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce version 20.5. In this version, RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce implements […]

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