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Hybrid cloud can put companies into the jet stream of Digital Transformation

Simon Michie, CTO, Pulsant, discusses how he thinks hybrid is set to underpin Digital Transformation initiatives and enable organisations to benefit from huge gains in performance and profitability. Hybrid cloud was once only seen as a half-way house on the road to full deployment with the major hyperscalers. Now, however, it is increasingly regarded as […]

The CIO’s role in securing cloud environments and simplifying cloud management

Ensuring security in the cloud is of paramount importance in today’s modern working world. Ishpreet Singh, Chief Information Officer, Qualys, discusses some of the ways CIOs can create business value through the cloud and also how they need to prioritise simplifying the management of their cloud environments in a way that aligns with the business’ […]

Reshaping the future: Employees have the power, what are businesses going to do about it?

Creating a culture of collaboration has been one of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic for businesses as employees adjusted to working from home. Rob Walker, UK&I MD, Cognizant, discusses how business leaders have had to adapt their management strategies to meet employee expectations and make their workspaces more appealing to the modern-day worker. […]

Expert advice for layering up your defences this World Password Day

The annual World Password Day raises awareness of the importance of having robust and resilient password hygiene practices in place. We hear from various industry experts who discuss best practices for password security. Cian Heasley, Security Consultant at Adarma: “It’s common for people to resort to simple, easy to remember passwords reused across most, if […]

World-class data centre solution secures future for SRS

Shared Resource Service (SRS) made the decision to move to Vantage Data Centers’ CWL1 data centre campus in the UK, offering an affordable and future-proofed private cloud hosting environment for delivering shared digital services to the South Wales public sector. Matt Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at SRS, explains how the organisation now has a more […]

Eight guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services today

Security leaders will be familiar with the term ‘Zero Trust’ – an approach crucial as vulnerabilities and attacks are becoming more damaging to organisations. Hila Meller, BT Vice President Security, Americas, EMEA and APAC, discusses some of the guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services. When it comes to adopting a Zero […]

Four principles for improving digital supply chain resilience

David Smith, Senior Security Consultant at Evalian, discusses the key considerations for improving supply chain security and ultimately reducing the risk of a supply chain attack impacting your company. Supply chain attacks have become a mainstay in the headlines, with high-profile security incidents like the Kaseya and SolarWinds breaches impacting thousands of organisations worldwide.  A […]

How AI can drive a quantum leap in cybersecurity automation

The capabilities of automation tools have not gone unnoticed in the cybersecurity market. Here, Tim Wallen, LogPoint Regional Director, UK&I, discusses what is needed for AI, Machine Learning and RPA to transform cybersecurity. 2020 was a wakeup call for security professionals globally as cybercriminals capitalised on the uncertainty and changes induced in the pandemic era. […]

The battle for tech retention and WFA (working from anywhere)

Adapting to the modern way of working and delivering business value means employers must offer their employees flexibility above and beyond what was once the norm. Here, Ian Pitt, CIO at Progress, offers his best practice advice for business leaders looking to create a culture of belonging and develop a connected workforce in the remote […]

Why CIOs need to get tech innovation back on the roadmap

The pandemic has accelerated business growth to the extreme and CIOs should make sure investment in innovation is focused on the right areas. Ezat Dayeh, Senior Systems Engineering Manager, Western Europe at Cohesity, says that CIOs must put technology innovation at the heart of their strategic roadmaps in order to stay ahead. Technological innovation must […]

Commitment to greener operations critical to success of data centre sector

Being burdened with the responsibility of generating a sheer amount of power means data centre leaders have found themselves with no choice but to design and generate their facilities with sustainability top of mind. Here, Billy Durie, Global Sector Head for Data Centres at Aggreko, offers some best practice advice for data centre managers to […]

The importance of visibility for tackling threats head-on 

Having a resilient cybersecurity strategy in place is key for any organisation when it comes to tackling cyberthreats and driving the investigation forward. Stefano Maccaglia, EMEA Practice Manager Incident Response at NetWitness, an RSA Business, discusses some of the core elements of an effective cybersecurity programme, as well as stressing the importance of the human […]

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