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Three key considerations for CIOs when pursuing IoT initiatives

Given the disruption IoT initiatives can cause when they are introduced it’s vital that CIOs push for involvement in their business’ IoT strategies from the start. Subbu Iyer, CMO, Riverbed Technology, offers three key considerations for CIOs pursuing IoT initiatives. Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives promise numerous benefits to businesses; namely that they allow for […]

CNet Training expert on getting to grips with the CDCEP qualification

Do you want to become an expert in data centre energy management? Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, outlines the Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEP) program. This is an increasingly popular program as data centre managers and professionals are looking for innovative ways to cut carbon emissions and reduce the energy use within their data […]

KnowBe4 expert on using threat intelligence to build data driven defence

The security landscape is complex, meaning that decision-makers can, through no fault of their own, struggle to make the best choices for their organisations, says Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4. He tells us why organisations should use a mix of internal and external threat reports to obtain a holistic view of the threats […]

Making it simple with Software-as-a-Service

Many companies are now using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model where the software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Intelligent CIO spoke to Ken Ringdahl, VP, Global Alliances Architecture, Veeam; and Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam, about the benefits of using a SaaS product and the challenges you can expect. What […]

Protecting the manufacturing industry from mobile phishing attacks

The rapidly rising reliance on mobile phones in the workplace has facilitated an increased cybersecurity threat from malicious phone hackers that many manufacturers are not equipped to handle. Tom Davison, EMEA Technical Director at Lookout, outlines the steps that both individuals and businesses must take to ensure the security of their most valuable assets, with […]

Node4 expert on the five steps needed to break your Digital Transformation paralysis

When you think of words that often creep into business meetings without much context or substance, Digital Transformation is probably top of the pile. Here, Tom Needs, COO, Node4, demystifies Digital Transformation and explains what yours might actually look like, as well as how to find the right path for your business. The words ‘what’s […]

Hiding in plain sight – what are the key indicators of an insider threat?

How do you identify an attacker who is supposed to be accessing sensitive data as part of their job role? Although they are notoriously difficult to identify there are, nonetheless, tell-tale signs that indicate the presence of a stealthy inside attacker. Matt Lock, Technical Director at Varonis explores the top warning signs – both digital […]

Industry experts explore the biggest risks in the digital age

Businesses are embarking on their biggest Digital Transformation journeys yet, as innovations in emerging technologies heat up and continue to transform the way we live, work and play. But organisations can’t put cybersecurity on the backburner amongst the hype for seemingly bigger and better things. Implementing new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and adopting an […]

Digital Guardian expert on the configuration mistakes that provide field days for hackers

Tim Bandos, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Digital Guardian, details the top five configuration gaffes that organisations must avoid to reduce the threat exposure. Sometimes it’s the little things. In hindsight, more often than not, getting hacked can stem from a minor misstep or completely preventable mistake. Common security mistakes and overlooked misconfigurations can open […]

Fortinet expert on why CISOs must focus on employee development as a key security strategy

Paul Anderson, Head of UK and Ireland, Fortinet, tells us how, by focusing on employee development, enablement and buy-in, CISOs can create a centralised security strategy that builds collaboration and reallocates security teams away from tactical, reactive work to more proactive and strategic efforts. CISOs are facing a perfect storm when it comes to securing […]

Reclaiming the cloud: How CISOs can ensure security in cloud initiatives

Cloud services now play a central role in the digital operation of modern enterprises. But security teams are often being left out in the cold, increasing the level of risk an organisation is facing. Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder, Skybox Security, tells us how CISOs can be part of the conversation on securely adopting cloud […]

CNet Training CEO on creating the data centre designers of the future

CNet Training delivers classroom-based technical education programs led by expert instructors in locations across the world and via remote attendance, allowing ease of access to all industry professionals wherever they are. In addition, the company also delivers distance learning programs. One example is the Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP) program which is helping learners […]

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