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Business school to launch global augmented intelligence laboratory

Business school to launch global augmented intelligence laboratory

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The aim of SKEMA Business School, which is devoting an initial budget of over €3 million to this project, is to make the laboratory a cutting-edge Augmented Reality centre within the next five years. The laboratory will develop data science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and will specialise in predictive modelling devoted to the new issues being faced by companies and modern society.

It will act as a catalyst for research and the Digital Transformation of teaching on all SKEMA campuses, via a state-of-the-art platform. Other private sources of financing and a major technological partner are soon expected to join SKEMA AI Global Lab and make it a research laboratory of global calibre.

A Professor of Data Science for International Business and the creator of a technological platform dedicated to researching data science and Artificial Intelligence, Professor Thierry Warin, is to join SKEMA in January 2019 and will be founding and leading the laboratory.

The DNA of the laboratory is to be an ‘undisciplined lab’, in that it will genuinely be multidisciplinary, fundamentally exploratory and often anti-conformist. The creation of the SKEMA global Augmented Intelligence lab is concomitant with the hiring of six researchers, who will be plugging their research work in Professor Warin’s platform, with the two-year objective of accompanying companies in all the locations in which SKEMA is present: China, the USA, Brazil and France.

Right from the beginning, the SKEMA AI Global Lab will set up branches in two other innovation hubs in which SKEMA operates: Paris and Sophia Antipolis, in France. The SKEMA AI Global Lab will be based in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the heart of the American research ‘triangle’, one of the largest innovation hubs in the United States.

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