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Five tips for an effective proactive approach to cybersecurity

Ali Neil – Director of International Security Solutions at Verizon, offers five tips for an effective proactive approach to cyber security Research from Verizon revealed that 68% of cyberbreaches take more than six months to discover and 76% of breaches are financially motivated. It means businesses need to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. […]

Study shows 15 most Internet-addicted countries around the world

A new study has been released by leading price comparison website, Compare the Market, uncovering which nations are the most Internet-dependant. In the era of fake news, Snapchat and #selfie, it seems we are never too far away from our phones or without access to the Internet. But which countries are the most addicted and […]

BeyondTrust expert on privilege security for the new perimeter

Morey J. Haber, Chief Technology Officer at BeyondTrust. Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer, BeyondTrust, explains why a comprehensive approach to privileged access management (PAM) – which encompasses not just the full community of credentialed users but also the many technologies and systems that they can access – is the only way for organisations to protect their critical […]

Expert questions why people continue to put password security at risk

LogMeIn’s CIO, Ian Pitt, challenges people’s approaches when it comes to personal security. Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate with well-known organisations such as Equifax, British Airways and Under Armour demonstrating that no organisation is immune. The Breach Level Index estimates that more than 5 million records are breached daily. Passwords are continuing to […]

Hacks show why businesses can’t underestimate weak authentication impact

Article by: David Vergara, Head of Security Product Marketing at OneSpan From healthcare organisations, to airlines and some of the world’s biggest technology companies, data breaches have impacted virtually every industry on the planet over the last few years. They have become front-page news to such an extent that it’s a surprise when a week […]

Next five years critical for multi-cloud adoption in EMEA, report finds

F5 Networks has unveiled EMEA’s first ever Future of Multi-Cloud (FOMC) report, highlighting game-changing trends and charting adaptive best practice over the next five years. The F5 commissioned report was conducted by the Foresight Factory and features exclusive input from influential global cloud experts specialising in entrepreneurialism, cloud architecture, business strategy, industry analysis and relevant […]

McAfee Labs sees continued cryptocurrency mining surge

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2018 McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2018, examining the growth and trends of new cyberthreats in Q2 2018. In the second quarter, McAfee Labs saw the surge in cryptomining malware growth that began in […]

New research finds AI technologies revolutionising customer service

Research shows that companies across EMEA are deploying Artificial Intelligence technologies to revolutionise customer service Companies across EMEA are deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to revolutionise customer service as more consumers show high acceptance of AI-driven experiences, according to research from ServiceNow and Devoteam. The report, The AI revolution: Creating a new customer service paradigm, […]

Is education the answer to job losses resulting from AI?

Matthew Buskell, Area Vice President EMEA at Skillsoft, gives his opinion on preparing and up-skilling the workforce for technological change. “If you have a repetitive or mundane job that’s based on sharing information then you might well be concerned about AI taking or augmenting your job role. For example, banking call centre staff will find […]

The view from the top – considerations for CIOs on IT Professionals Day

IT professionals are the engines who power modern business and this is a trend that every member of the C-suite has become familiar with over the last few years. As such, opportunities for recognising the hard work that IT pros do are becoming ever more important – especially in the wake of the constant pressures […]

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