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Epicor expert says you can use data in order to make better decisions

Hesham El Komy, Regional Vice President, Middle East, Africa & India (MEAI), Epicor Software, looks at the role data plays in the modern workplace. There are vast amounts of data being created, mined and managed every day – and, according to an executive summary by Cisco, global IP traffic will experience an almost threefold increase […]

How police forces can crack the case of unstructured data

Damian Wilk, Senior Regional Director Middle East,  Veritas, says an automated data classification approach will enable police officers to quickly access and analyse huge amounts of data New sources of information are creating massive volumes of data for police departments to analyse and managing this is one of the biggest challenges police forces are facing. […]

Nexign expert: Deploying data from IoT devices to pursue growth

With IoT creating unprecedented opportunities for organisations to transform their businesses, we asked Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products and Marketing Officer, Nexign, how enterprises can deploy data from IoT devices to pursue growth. The deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) in enterprises allows for significant optimisation of relevant business processes as well as the creation of […]

Effective Congestion Management is key for MEA telecom operators

Ahmad Sayed, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Nexign, looks at how telecom operators can prosper this year. In an expat-heavy region, you undoubtedly observed another tradition – that of phoning home. That simple observance probably had a range of outcomes. Some of you may have been able to connect straight away; others may […]

ServiceNow Vice President on how to understand digital technology

While Digital Transformation is all the rage these days, Chris Pope, VP of Innovation at ServiceNow, says that understanding the subject is a prerequisite if firms are going to fully appreciate where new and emerging technology will have an impact. There are college degrees in computer science and software engineering that feature different programming languages […]

2019: The year of the data-driven digital ecosystem, ‘smart living’ and ‘intelligent work’

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC, makes his top tech predictions for 2019.   It’s that time of year – our planet has made its trip around the sun and as we close out 2018, we look ahead and think about the possibilities for 2019.  And we’re closing […]

Top IT trends that will redefine businesses in the new year

Sami Abi Esber, President – MDS Gulf, Board Member-Midis Group, shares his views on the top technologies that organisations can leverage in 2019 As new and emerging technologies continue to redefine IT and business, the pace of change and technological advancement is accelerating. Sami Abi Esber, President of system integrator MDS Gulf and a board […]

Why Artificial Intelligence has the potential to save millions of lives Why Artificial Intelligence has the potential to save millions of lives

Pierre Brunswick, CEO, NeuroMem, says AI has the potential to save thousands of lives The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform all industrial sectors. Intelligent CIO talks to Pierre Brunswick, CEO, NeuroMem, about how technological advancements are being utilised in the healthcare sector offering the potential to save thousands, if not […]

How a team of data scientists can make a difference to your bottom line

Islam Zeidan, of Teradata, says data scientists are brought in by businesses to find solutions to their problems but both sides need to be prepared for failures and hidden opportunities Data scientists are brought in by businesses to find solutions to their problems but both sides need to be prepared for failures and hidden opportunities along […]

Meeting the intelligent data management needs of 2019

Dave Russell, Vice President for Product Strategy at Veeam, outlines five intelligent data management needs CIOs need to know about in 2019. The world of today has changed drastically due to data. Every process, whether an external client interaction or internal employee task, leaves a trail of data. Human and machine generated data is growing […]

Powerful data is shared data – conquering the silo sprawl

Spending on data-intensive AI systems in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region will grow at a CAGR of 32% between 2016 and 2021 James Petter, VP, EMEA at Pure Storage argues that, if organisations are to innovate and survive in a business environment that is increasingly data-driven, they must design their IT infrastructure with […]

ServiceNow expert: How CIOs can foster an agile IT organisation

Chris Bedi, CIO at ServiceNow, says CIOs can build an agile IT organisation that is more attuned to the needs of the business. For example, he suggests CIOs should have their IT teams listen to quarterly earnings calls with analysts to help them understand the strategic goals of the business. Agility is a big deal. […]

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