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Zain launches zBot – the new face of smart customer service

Zain launches zBot – the new face of smart customer service

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Zain is the first telecom company to offer an interactive agent solution in Kuwait.  

Zain, a leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, has announced the launch of zBot, an all-new interactive digital channel for smart customer service, making it the first telecom company to launch this innovative solution in Kuwait.

The new channel utilises the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to interact and respond to customer inquiries in a fully automated manner without the need of human input.

The launch of this revolutionary customer service channel was made during a press conference held at Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) at Zain’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh, which witnessed the attendance of Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al Roudhan, Chief Commercial Officer Meshal Al Kandari, Chief Technical Officer Nawaf Al Gharabally, and Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer Waleed Al Khashti.

The conference was accompanied by a live demo of the announced channel, which was designed to reflect Zain’s Digital Transformation leadership in the Kuwaiti market.

Zain Kuwait’s Chief Commercial Officer, Meshal Al Kandari, said: “We announce the launch of zBot, the new face of smart customer services, making Zain the first telecom company to offer the interactive agent solution in Kuwait.

“The launch of this new innovative channel comes in line with our strategic plans to enrich Zain’s Digital Transformation journey and reinforce its leadership in the Kuwaiti market and the region.

“This channel revolutionises the customer experience industry and will open new horizons in our smart services portfolio.

“zBot is one of the most interactive services directed at enriching our customer experience efforts. It responds to inquiries and questions from customers in a fully automated manner without having to wait for input from a human agent through providing the latest offers, enabling the management of accounts, activating services, and much more.

“Implementing Digital Transformation tools has become a necessity to advance the customer experience sector and overcome the challenges it faces. As Zain serves the largest family of subscribers in Kuwait, we are committed to intensify our efforts to enrich our customer experience and make it easier and more flexible through adding such innovative services to our existing traditional channels such as the call centre and Zain branches available all around Kuwait.”

Zain Kuwait’s Chief Technical Officer, Nawaf Al Gharabally, said:“zBot utilises the latest available AI solutions, making it one of the most advanced customer service solutions not only in Kuwait, but across the region’s markets as well.

“We are proud that zBot was fully developed internally by Zain’s technical team supported by world-class AI solutions. The channel is able to swiftly recognise a customer’s needs, understand their questions, and guide them to specifically designed services at the same time. This will help with accurately identifying their requests to serve them better and faster in the future.

“The new channel is fully integrated with all our backend platforms, giving customers the ability to manage their accounts and add/remove services directly through it without the need for involvement from customer service agents, making it a perfect channel to engage with our customers in the fastest time possible.

“AI contributes to customer experience by introducing the speed factor, where the machine can support thousands of requests and interactions at the same time, reducing the waiting time for our valuable customers, in both simple and more complex types of transactions. The faster we respond to a customer’s needs without sacrificing quality, the better customer satisfaction rates get, ultimately resulting in a superior customer experience.”

The new zBot interactive channel offers a variety of services in a fully automated manner through Zain’s app and website, including showing the latest offers and promotions on prepaid and postpaid plans, managing accounts, adding/removing roaming services and international calls, purchasing smart devices from the Zain online store, showing the current balance or contract details, inquiring about roaming information and branch locations, and much more. The channel is available in both Arabic and English, and customers can talk to it in a natural tone as if speaking to a human agent.

Zain’s strategy is centred around Digital Transformation leadership and empowering the community to enjoy a smarter portable lifestyle, as well as using advanced technology and Zain’s long experience to enable an easier and more flexible life. The company places itself as an active partner in creating the future of smart life in Kuwait.

Zain always aspires to new levels of excellence in all services it offers to its customers. Through the launch of this innovative channel, Zain affirms its continuous efforts in meeting its customers’ needs and aspirations and deliver its promise to offering the best services and latest technologies.

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