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Zain Kuwait recognised for being first operator to offer Ring’s smart home products

Zain Kuwait recognised for being first operator to offer Ring’s smart home products

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Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, has been recognised by global smart home leader and Amazon company Ring.

The recognition came to highlight Zain’s leadership in being the first telecom operator to officially offer Ring’s smart home products and solutions in the Middle East region as part of the Zain LIFE smart home portfolio of innovative solutions.

Ring and Amazon officials recognised Zain represented by Zain Kuwait’s Chief Commercial Officer Meshal Mohammed.

Zain’s offering of Ring products under its Zain LIFE portfolio of innovative solutions comes in line with its strategy to transform into an integrated digital lifestyle provider, which is centered around Digital Transformation leadership and empowers the community to enjoy a smarter portable lifestyle, as well as using advanced technology solutions to enable an easier and more flexible life.

The Ring kit features a number of the latest outdoor security devices that were designed to provide a unique home security experience through several surveillance solutions that monitor the outdoor area and notify the user as soon as any unusual activity outside the home is identified.

The kit includes four smart devices, including an outdoor video doorbell that works wirelessly, and features a high-quality camera with motion detection, night vision and two-way audio. The kit also includes an indoor chime device that also works as a Wi-Fi extender, as well as two outdoor smart cameras that feature high-quality recording, motion detection, night vision and two-way audio. The cameras immediately alert the user whenever movement is detected.

The Smart Homes sector is one of the main aspects of the Digital Transformation journey undertaken by telecoms around the world, particularly with respect to securing homes and protecting them against theft with the use of modern technology.

Zain is continuously working on designing new plans to match these transformation processes to be included in Zain LIFE in addition to its existing portfolio of smart solutions.

Through the launch of this new kit, Zain affirms its continuous efforts in meeting its customers’ needs and aspirations and deliver its promise to offering the best services and latest technologies.

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