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Expert warns (ISC)2 Kuwait Chapter group of ransomware threat

Expert warns (ISC)2 Kuwait Chapter group of ransomware threat

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A leading cybersecurity expert has warned the (ISC)2 Kuwait Chapter group about the dangers of ransomware.

The group heard from Ayed Qartah, Consulting Systems Engineering-Cybersecurity (GSSO), Cisco Systems, who spoke on mitigations and responses for security admins to ransomware attacks.

He told the group that an in-depth defence approach is the most effective method to mitigate ransomware and all other cyberattacks.

He emphasised that there is no such thing as a 100% defence against cyberattacks and warned against vendors who claim to provide this.

Successful cyberdefence requires knowledgeable specialists using the tools effectively. Qartah recommended purchasing cyberinsurance.

The first presentation for the meeting was ‘The Importance of Diversity in Cybersecurity’ presented by
Sapna Singh, CISSP, Deloitte, Cybersecurity Specialist.

Singh explained the proven value of having a diverse team in order to ensure ‘outside-the-box’ thinking to solve problems. In particular, she emphasised the special talents that women bring to the cybersecurity team.

She described and presented pictures about the seminal role of women in Information Technology as inventors and innovators of the technologies. She highlighted the fact that women perceive risk differently to men and therefore are particularly well-suited to cybersecurity roles.

The meeting was led by Dana Winner, VP (Acting) and Education Chair of (ISC)2 Kuwait Chapter (ISC2K). She announced that the upcoming ISC2K meeting on October 28 will feature Guillermo Christensen, Partner, Ice Miller, Washington DC.

As a partner in Ice Miller’s Data Security and Privacy and White Collar Defense Groups, Guillermo’s experience as an attorney, a former CIA intelligence officer and a diplomat with the US Department of State provides the background from which he advises clients regarding ‘various enterprise risks involving cybersecurity and national security law.’

His expertise covers a wide range of issues including ‘conducting information security risk assessments where a nation-state or insider threat may be involved.’ 

For more information about (ISC)2 Kuwait Chapter or to register for the October 28 meeting, see Linked-In Group ‘isc2kuwait’ or send an email to

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