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Sightings search for phishing and malware attacks

In this video, ServiceNow demonstrates how to use the sighting search feature to locate phished users, and track phishing and malware observables within the log store on your network.

Executive Guide to the NTT Security 2019 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Here, Dimension Data provide all the facts and figures you need to know about the latest cyberthreat landscape and what to do about bolstering your organisation’s cybersecurity.

Forcepoint’s approach to cybersecurity

Forcepoint CIO Meerah Rajavel, Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Ford, and head of X-Labs Raffael Marty talk about the unique ways that Forcepoint is approaching cybersecurity through a behaviour-centric model.

Kaspersky Lab expert: Cybercriminals targeting Kuwaiti financial institutions and critical infrastructure

As part of the Middle East region Kuwait is not immune to the threat of cybercriminals. However, Intelligent CIO wanted to discover more about the country’s cybersecurity scene. We spoke to Mohammad Amin Hasbini, Head of Global Research and Global Analysis team for META, Kaspersky Lab, at the company’s Cyber Security Weekend to find out […]

McAfee MVISION Cloud integrates with Google Cloud platform to offer enhanced security tool

Integration allows for improved security insight for Cloud Security Command Center users.  McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has announced its support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). McAfee MVISION Cloud now integrates with GCP Cloud SCC to help security professionals gain visibility and control over their cloud resources and detect […]

Protecting your enterprise with Privileged Access Management

With traditional perimeter security tools unable to cope with advanced cyberattacks, John Hathaway, Regional Vice President – Middle East and India at BeyondTrust, tells Intelligent CIO about the benefits of Privileged Access Management (PAM). He says: “Modern PAM technology can ensure that only authorised individuals have access to your powerful privileged accounts and only in […]

Microsoft holds ‘Banking Edition’ of CISO Executive Series for Kuwaiti FSI Professionals

Microsoft has held the ‘Banking Edition’ of its CISO Executive Series – a series for an elite set of top Chief Information Security Officers for Kuwait’s Finance sector professionals. The event, held at the JW Marriot, Kuwait City, was specifically tailored for the country’s banking industry to enable its professionals to overcome the rising challenges […]

Infoblox expert makes cybersecurity predictions for 2019

Ashraf Sheet, regional director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox, says 2019 will be a year that will see increased spending on cybersecurity as attackers find new ways to worsen the threat landscape.    It is expected that cybercrime will cost the world US$6 Trillion by 2021 as per Gartner estimates. To protect customer data […]

What are the biggest cybersecurity concerns for Kuwait in 2019?

By Gopan Sivasankaran, SE Lead – Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Secureworks As far as cybersecurity is concerned, we see unprecedented attacks across the Middle East and North Africa, to which Kuwait is not immune. The problem is two-fold: most organisations struggle to detect these threats and face even greater challenges in finding professionals with […]

Qualys Chief Technical Security Officer reviews 2018 cloud security

Darron Gibbard, Chief Technical Security Officer, Qualys, looks back at the cloud security space in 2018 and urges CIOs and CISOs to collaborate and develop new approaches to business.  Over the next few years, spending on cloud will continue to expand at around 20% per year until 2021, according to Goldman Sachs. This will see the […]

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