Izzi Unlocks new service opportunities with Casa Systems

Izzi Unlocks new service opportunities with Casa Systems

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Casa Systems has announced that Izzi, Mexico’s largest MSO, has deployed Casa’s Axyom Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) to significantly expand capacity as it prepares for next-generation broadband and convergent services. Deployment is already underway in several cities in Mexico and will continue through 2021.

With networks experiencing unprecedented traffic growth and unpredictable demands, service providers are looking for ways to meet the ever-increasing requirements while driving down network costs. Casa’s Axyom vBNG Router delivers the performance, scaling, and flexibility needed to address the greater diversity of broadband demands, enabling service providers like Izzi, to build more efficient networks that meet their performance standards and to expand into markets cost-effectively.

“We are focused on creating a best-of-breed network to bring the most advanced technologies and solutions to our customers without compromising performance, reliability and stability,” said Israel Madiedo, Innovation and Technology Director, at Izzi. “As we continue to see tremendous growth, the need to be more agile and dynamic with the services we offer is critical. Casa’s vBNG allows us to deliver network scale much closer to the edge and expand our capacity much more cost-effectively.

Built from the ground up with an open, cloud-native architecture, Casa’s Axyom vBNG virtualizes and disaggregates network functions enabling independent and dynamic scaling of control and user planes also known as CUPS (Control and User Plane Separation). Casa’s technology simplifies network management and helps service providers take advantage of convergent services that drive new revenue-generating opportunities. By disaggregating legacy network structures, service providers are free to move towards a convergent network while reducing network costs and improving the customer experience.

“Our goal is to simplify network transformation and make it easy for service providers to be more agile and innovative without locking them into one vendor,” said Jerry Guo, CEO of Casa Systems. “Working with Izzi, we were able to deliver a future-proof solution that is tailored to their specific needs that breaks away from legacy infrastructures and frees their network to evolve at their pace.”

Casa recently announced it has joined the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Open and Disaggregated Broadband Network Gateway (OpenBNG) initiative. OpenBNG is the result of a collaboration between Telefónica, Deutsche Telecom, BT and Vodafone, and sets standards for more flexible disaggregated vBNG solutions like those delivered by Casa Systems.