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Embratel invests in Wi-Fi 6 technology to implement projects

Embratel invests in Wi-Fi 6 technology to implement projects

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The technology is already used in developed initiatives mainly in industry and retail, enabling the use of more sophisticated applications.

Embratel, one of the main IT and telecom service providers in Brazil, has announced the use of Wi-Fi 6 technology for the development of its projects in several sectors, such as industry and retail.

Wi-Fi 6 is a new generation of Wi-Fi that has greater efficiency and capacity over the previous generation. Wi-Fi 6 has low latency, greater simultaneous traffic capacity and better performance, supporting more connected devices without losing speed. This efficiency allows for rapid expansion from hybrid networks (Wi-Fi and wired) to fully wireless networks.

Ideal to be integrated with technological innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Wi-Fi 6 is part of Embratel’s strategies for projects that should also extend to the healthcare and financial sectors, among others.

The transition to more seamless connections and integrated experiences is happening at an accelerated pace. High-capacity wireless connections are critical for companies looking to expand their business, using wireless networks as their primary means of access, since everything is connected. From employee notebooks, surveillance devices, lighting equipment, to the thousands of sensors in industries, countless machines compete for bandwidth and demand more capacity. To meet this demand, Embratel brings state-of-the-art technology to its customers that enables better performance and availability of its networks.

Alexandre Gomes, Marketing Director, Embratel, said: “With the growth of traffic and IoT devices, wireless connection standards needed to evolve to ensure a more efficient way to handle this growing and diverse amount of different types of traffic. Embratel implements Wi-Fi 6 technology in companies to enable customers to be able to access more sophisticated and evolved applications, without infrastructure limitation and with full technical capacity and necessary support.”

In the industry, Embratel already applies Wi-Fi 6 for the various devices connected to each other. With more efficiency and security for data traffic, in addition to supporting essential requirements for devices used in this sector, Wi-Fi 6 is making it possible to put into practice the concept of Industry 4.0, which is much more technological and productive.

In retail, Embratel works on projects that implement Wi-Fi 6 to provide highly efficient connectivity, allowing the connection of several users within the same space, such as stores, ensuring a better browsing experience for users and customers. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 technology allows integration with essential services for this sector, such as presence and data analysis.

The ability of Wi-Fi 6 to identify and prioritize different applications and the most secure connections also makes it the ideal technology for the financial and healthcare sectors which daily carry sensitive information and which depend on the correct prioritization of these applications in real time.

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